Worst Night Bus in 20 Months

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First let me say that the night bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia was the worst one I’ve been on in 20+ months of travel. The bus itself was quite nice but every travelers nightmare came true, it’s true…

When on a long overnight, the largest fear involves a crying baby and having eaten a rotten kebab, sadly both happened. I will spare you details of the latter but when it comes to the former… Imagine a crying baby on a bus and parents that think the baby will “sort itself out”. From the smells permeating around my nostril region, I’m assuming the kid was screaming “change me guys, change me already!”

Add the fact that the baby is right behind you, basically projecting its incessant whining directly into your dome piece. Then when the baby finally stops, you try and put your chair back. You’re immediately told by the guy working the bus that you can’t because the baby is sleeping, I doubt that baby even paid for a ticket.

Suffice to say I didn’t sleep and am exhausted. All that aside, Cappadocia is stunning and the hotel we checked into which is part cave, part cool is quite awesome.

Oh yeah, there was some mini protest or something at the bus station, also the bus station in Istanbul is the largest I’ve seen, hundreds of buses, behemoth. If you go, I recommend you try the 1 lira massage chair, seriously.

Finally, when you’re in Cappadocia, you have that “we’re really far from home” feel, this place is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in my travels.

More to come from this magical place.

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6 thoughts on “Worst Night Bus in 20 Months

  1. Oh no! I have also taken the overnight bus to Cappadocia; I don’t know anyone who has had a good experience with it. Our bus broke down and the women were hoarded into a windowless van to an undisclosed location. I thought I was being kidnapped!

    Come to find out if you book locally, the flights to the region are super cheap.

    But…Cappacdocia is worth it. If you can afford it, do the hot air balloon ride. 🙂

    1. Thanks, looking into it. Not sure what to do, lots to see, the question is where to start? It’s cool how they shuttle you around everywhere but also like “eh, did I just jump in a truck with some guy who came on the bus and said come with me!?”

      1. LOL. I did a formal tour, but even then the bus driver started stalking me.

        If you get to Urgup, there’s a antique dealer named Crazy Ali. If he can take you on a moonwalk (hike through valley and poetry reading), you will love it.

  2. Ha Ha.. we did the same bus 13 years ago. Sound like nothing has changed. Cappadocia was amazing. Have fun!

  3. Darn…… husband and I about to catch the night bus to Cappadocia. Breathe in, Breathe out…. We’re sure it will be fine. Travelled in a armed government convoy in the Sinai a couple of weeks ago. Overland truck for 3 weeks in East Africa before that. Hopefully a turkish bus won’t be the straw that breaks these camels backs…..

    1. You’ll be fine, just hope your stomach isn’t going stir crazy or it can be h3llish to say the least. From your experience this will be a walk in the park and Cappadocia is unreal, enjoy!

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