A Week of Kalkanesque Occurrences in Turkey

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Supposed to stay a few days and now a week has passed. Summarizing a few days worth of happenings is boring to write and read, as a result these pictures should do the talking, some of it at least. This is a town that’s interesting for an old couple, a young family, random 20-30 somethings or even an old couple with 20-30 somethings as their family.

This place is a vacation holiday spot, not a backpacker truck stop, do what you will with that information. There is a plethora of fine dining options and some less dignified joints, have enjoyed all of them from top to bottom. The nightlife here is decent and would be outstanding in high season, there are proper venues for any type of affair one feels like being involved in. Favorite bars order are Mojito Bar, Ignite & Chocolate. Three restaurants I like are Fener Kafe, Fotos and Rosehip. Fener is your go to joint and has this view.

If you’re looking for value in this place, Kelebek Hotel is the cheapest out there, it’s also a nice spot, good value for cash and family run for the last 24 years. You can go as high as you wish from there, should you wish. Been paying 60 TRL and consider it a great deal for roof top terrace breakfasts, nice clean rooms with blazing wifi and a pool / lounge area in the lobby. (Shown below) The Breakfast with a View is also from here.

The diving in Kalkan is good fun and the town in general is very hospitable, not to mention the weather is wonderful and the water crystal clear. Have to be in shape though, this whole town is on a hill and by the end of the day your legs will feel as though you’ve been to Timbuktu and back, literally. They need to go all “Hong Kongesque” and install escalators but it would kill the charm.

After a week here, moving on. Not sure where but tomorrow have to go somewhere.

Thinking of Varna in Bulgaria, ever been? I’ve always had a fascination with this part of the world. By this part of the world I mean, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Estonia, Slovakia etc… Already visited Hungary, Poland, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, they delivered what I had imagined AND MORE.

Unrelated,¬† I’d like to know why some middle aged woman was busy in my hotel room last night, redecorating my throat with the world’s roughest sandpaper and complaining about how dangerous the world is until it gave me an ear infection? Why!?

Tips hat,

P.S: Realize that Turkey has a lot more to offer than I’ve seen, the reality is, I’m not traveling to see the world, traveling to experience the world. Considering old pieces of rock don’t talk and usually attract people with place mat personalities, might as well hit the liberal beaches of Bulgaria. That said, never end up anywhere as planned.

P.P.S: If you like Kalkan, it’s a buyers market, more than 500 high end properties listed. Found a steal to rent for a month outside of town, just too far if you’re solo and social, boredom would be sure to ensue.

P.P.P.S: Got interviewed by Victoria, interesting read if I don’t say so myself.

I just lost more in the market than you average backpacking biatch plans for 6 months, I sit here laughing while flicking a cigarette in my eye.

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  1. Love the photos. Not sure how you ended up in Kalkan though! That was a surprise to read that you were there.

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