Welcome to Las Vegas!!

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Welcome to Las Vegas! The place where people add “baby” to the end for no reason other than it is apropos for things like “it’s Vegas baby, VEGAS”! On a more serious note, here for an hour before my final flight to Palm Springs… If you’re going to Palm Springs, chances are you’ll end up here as there are countless flights to Las Vegas.

Albeit brief, totally pumped and rejuvenated despite being on the road over 12 hours. This city is electric and you can feel it as long as you have a pulse. Will be doing the usual and maybe check out some or try my luck at the tables. Coming back to places you love is great fun, even if only for a connection. Places like this and your other favs haven’t gone anywhere, makes you wonder why it’s been so long… Tips hat, P.S: Slot machines in terminal are a nice touch.

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