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oriente train station in Lisbon, Portugal


Last night was interesting, Porto was cool but when you can get on a train at anytime for a few euro or nothing, why not? Took a train from Porto to Lisbon aka Lisboa, Portugal for 4E. I’m really like this Eurail pass, a fist class ticket for 4E, can’t go wrong. That’s the beauty of paying “all up front”, I despise reaching into my pocket so much prefer to just give one lump sum and be done with it, yes?

After my trip in “turista”, “preferente” is way better. You get more room, food, the radio works, television, it’s “ok”. The trains in France are still by far the best that I’ve seen though. The one in Portugal didn’t have plugs, the others do. There are only 3 chairs per row opposed to 4 and you can lift the arms in the middle so if no one is next to you, you can spread out like a weed. That said, when the “welcome beverage” came I asked for a coffee and an OJ, she said it’s only 1, was thinking “Are you $#$!ing kidding me?”

beach near Porto, Portugal

Last night those Canadians turned out to be cool and made a lot of food, I eat like a king. If someone you just met offers you dinner and you’re at a hostel, do the #!$#ing dishes, it’s the least you can do. I tip my hat to them. Went for a walk to find a coke or a juice or a whatever. Run into this old gent and he doesn’t speak much English, these younger people come by and speak both. Next thing you know they’re talking and he’s going to show me, indeed.

By “old dude” I mean he was like 85 and mad slow, like “baby steps”, we smoked camels and went on a 1km walk through a shady part of town to find a 24/7 kinda joint. Had I not prior engagements, may have gone to Bingo with him, not like he was going to jack me and old people tend to be wise so he knew I wasn’t going to jack him, just wanted a drink. Supposedly free drinks at bingo, he was “all about it”.

hostel view from Lisbon, Portugal

Sleeping in the common room was ok but I ended up staying up with that Canadian and this guy from Belgium until about 4. At 5 I was asking myself why I was sitting in front of a computer checking sales I’d not process for a while anyways and not in bed. At noon some English lads came in to watch football but ended up on ruggers. Drifted in and out until 2.

Decided my time in Porto was done, picked up a sandwich and a coke for ~2.50E and hit the subway. The subway came before I got there, got on and left immediately after I stepped on. Got off hit up the ticket booth at 15:40, at 15:47 the train left to Lisbon, love it when that happens. When stuff like that happens it’s a not so subtle hint from whatever pulls the strings telling you you’re on the right path, or so I think at least.

Portuguese Matador in Lisbon, Portugal

Had 2 places to go based on recommendations from gents who came from Lisbon. Near the Oriente stop in Lisbon, started talking to gent who warned me one of them was in a bad part of town blah. Decided for other but train was 27 minutes and this old guy I spoke with on the platform said the other place isn’t that bad, it’s not and Madrid, I was in the core right near the old pros lane and no problems. 3 Men were just charged in a Bank Bombing in Ottawa, I’ve heard other stories of car burnings on front lawns…

Nowhere is safe but some places are more dangerous… When you’re a slim dude walking around shady parts, it helps to be slightly more slim shadied if that makes sense. Appear as a different looking fish swimming through the water, not a fish out of water. Furthermore, not all shady looking people are out to get you and not all nice looking people aren’t.

English Prime Minister Tony Blair

Found the place, checked in, ran into some decent people on the street, eat a horrible kebab platter, pounded a beer and now been hanging out in the hostel. Obviously when the gent from the kebab shop asked how it was I told him “it’s good”, no point in spoiling his day, despite him serving me spoiled meat. Let’s just forget about fries so hard they’d shatter before allowing a fork to penetrate and could also be used as nails for large scale industrial projects.¬† Met a guy from Italy and he told me to visit a certain island, just googled it, looks awesome. Many people going out but Saturday or not, I’m dead. I need a good rest despite it already being 2:30 am if I’m going to have any motivation to do anything.

Either stay here tomorrow or just go to a beach, it’s really windy in Lisbon and moderately cold. If I can stay here again, I just may if not, yeah, beach. Going to another hostel after this one would simply be a buzz kill, I do believe. Supposedly Largas is just foreigners, could be a good time as Aussies usually are a good time. What to check out that Portomai or whatever place as well. Been spending LOTS of time in cities, may be time to get more “rural”, whatever that means.

Matadors in Lisbon, Portugal

Asked the guy what countries / cities are the best to live in if you just wanted to pass time in Europe, he said “Just go to Prague”, this makes me happy. I have no fantasy of what Prague will look/feel like but everyone has told me it’s amazing for numerous reasons.

It’s Saturday, good time to burn some fuel unless you’re running on fumes.

Tips hat,

P.S: My new camera is making weird noises, I think its because it’s always in my cargo shorts and when I run, hustle, whatever it’s constantly banging up against my leg… What is one to do? Carry a murse? Attach it to the belt? Not give a #$#!?

P.P.S: Something interesting was happening and believe it was some matador related stuff so I just took 2 photos before this lady was yelling no photos from some window up top, I think she was just a hater. Oh yeah, this song was playing on the train today, it’s an eclectic mix.

Search Du Jour!?: “vodka redbulls bali”

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