The Art of the Layover: Miami, South Beach Edition

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Oh hey Sportestery, from Miami!

Thought I’d go ” live” today and blog about what’s happening right now rather than reporting on it later.

First and foremost, I should tell you the trip back to Sweden that I was trying to coordinate last week has already begun. I’m not going to get there until next week, but so far my latest layover is shaping up quite nicely because…

I’m in Miami! South Beach, to be exact, and only for 8 hours.

Let me just start off by saying if you have a layover longer than 4 hours at MIA and the weather is nice, you should really try to get out of that place and down to the beach. That airport kind of sucks and not only is it incredibly easy, but also super cheap. The Airport Flyer (Route 150) leaving every half hour will take you directly to South Beach/Miami Beach in about 20 minutes and only costs around $2.50 one-way.

There’s tons of cool spots in South Beach to eat or get a drink, go for a stroll on the boardwalk, take a dip in the lukewarm seawater, etc, etc. If I didn’t have somewhere to be right now, I’d totally be exploring the entire place, BUT…

I have a couple of really amazing friends who graciously invited me to hang around the Soho Beach House all day when I told them I would be in town. And, well, the Soho Beach House is freaking amazing!

It’s a private members club so unfortunately not open to the public, but if you’re interested, it costs $900/yr for those under 27 and $1,800/yr for those above. They also have two in London, one in Berlin, one in New York and one in West Hollywood. I was just talking to the waiter, apparently they are in talks to open 30 more properties around the world in the near future. All I heard Mumbai.

Any hoot. So many ridiculously good looking men and women here. They clearly work out and/or are on the South Beach Diet. This Soho House in particular has a really cozy, shabby chic spa vibe on the inside, but once you get out to the pool and beach, LOOK OUT. It’s 100% Miami Vice. Hope one day I will be able to join the club.

I think I’m going to sign off for now and go bask in all the Soho glory since this isn’t how I typically roll (minus the rosé, that is always how I roll). I’m seriously in heaven, how did I get so lucky. Two more hours and I’m off to the next surprise destination where I will remain for the next four evenings…

Cliffhanger. And cheers, everyone!


2 thoughts on “The Art of the Layover: Miami, South Beach Edition

  1. man I was there last Sunday for an 8hr layover and 2Backpackers came and picked me up and took me to South Beach. Everything you write is exactly what I saw… and by that I mean I saw so many 1/2 naked women it was insane! lol For sure if you got a layover get out of the airport and see the beach. I was going to write about my layover but you nailed it so well I think I might just post a few photos and link to your article instead! 🙂

    1. Haha, yes I am sure they were out in full force on Sunday! Wednesdays are probably a bit more quiet but I still got the point – I’m pretty sure it is the sexiest city in America.

      I’m bummed, I found out some other bloggers were based there as well but it was after I left. Cool that you guys were able to meet up and do your layover right! Would love to see your photos when you get them up. I just posted a couple more on my site

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