Suffering a Digital Death in the Caribbean

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This will be brief as I am at some internet cafe computer with a horrific keyboard on Big Corn Island. I’ve had an amazing time here but my PC is basically a dead a I’m caught in the dreaded “Preparing Automatic Repair” loop. It happens when you upgrade sometimes in Windows 8. Thankfully the geniuses at Microsoft have minimized the ability to boot in different ways and here I am, stuck in paradise without  PC.

Stay tuned for lots of photos and tales from my time here when I’m back on the mainland which will be sometime next week. That said, if I can fix this problem I’m in no rush to leave and really loving Big Corn. Little Corn feels like home but from a work point of view, makes way more sense to spend a few days here each week. Perhaps Monday – Thursday and then head back to Little Corn for a solid long weekend?

In other news, it’s beautiful here on Big Corn Island and I love sitting on the east-side with a cool breeze while watching Little Corn Island do its thing in the distance. What’s odd is that this is a Spanish system and everything I type appears to be an error, apologies should this update be a bit tweaked.

I’m currently hanging out with this Australian who came here to buy some land. She’s been to all islands in the Caribbean besides two and says there is NOTHING like here, by a long shot. I love hearing other people’s perspectives and on that topic… All the people I meet hanging on Big Corn say Little Corn isn’t that great while the Little Corn crowd says the same about Big Corn.

It’s just like how every country often tells you their neighbors are a bit crazy and it’s dangerous there; yes? I’d continue but I’m here to fix up my PC as I have lots of data I don’t want to lose and seriously, life without a computer for this gent is miserable. Not only does it stall my blogging but it just cuts me off from the world. The internet is a wonderful thing where you can travel the globe but still be as close as a click away; interesting times we are living in!

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6 thoughts on “Suffering a Digital Death in the Caribbean

  1. That sucks buddy … kneed my computer by accident last night and it hard reset my computer … could have been worse, it freaked me out!

  2. It’s horrible to be without a computer. 😀 . At least I’m travelling and working with my girlfriend, so we have two computers if something goes wrong. So far no problem.

    My iPhone broke a couple of days ago and I much admit I’m missing it because I normally use it for writing notes.

    I hope that you will soon get your computer fixed so you can get back to the internet.

    1. That’s too bad to hear and I think my iPhone is starting to go that way as well. I find the salt around here does funny things and try and keep it in a protective case. Having two computers is definitely one perk of traveling as a couple.

  3. Oh no that’s awful! I dread the day my macbook finally meets its death. Anyways, I hadn’t heard of these islands until reading your blog. They seem like cool places to check out I just googled them!

    1. I think you’re safer with a MacBook; I’m not a huge fan of the PC just it’s what I was brought up on and can never get around to making that big swtich; love my iPhone. These are really cool islands and you should visit one day; you’ll like em.

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