Starting to Really Like Ucluelet, British Columbia

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Good day!

The sky is singing and the weather is warming up in Ucluelet, British Columbia where I’m writing this now. I’m staying at the Black Rock Oceanfront Resort and it’s class the whole way through. I’ve only been in Ucluelet for less than 48 hours but I’m already starting to really like it here. It’s calm, peaceful, surrounded by some of Mother Nature’s prettiest daughters and inspiring, what a combo!

Life is like a random roller-coaster of ups and downs, twists and turns. If you’ve traveled anywhere outside your home town, you’ll know that every area has a unique feel to it. The secret is to find areas that inspire you, where you feel alive. Ucluelet is one of those towns that I had never heard of that allows me see the forest through the trees, so to speak.

This morning Brendan and I hiked the Wild Pacific Trail and it was seriously good times. It’s not this intense hike that makes you out of breath and glad that your hippy guide has granola bars, no it’s the kind of place where you chill out with friends and family and soak in incredible scenery. Virtually every lookout / rest spot along the way offers solid photos and a view that mat makes you think. Check tomorrow for a vlog I filmed on the gopro.

Afterward we headed back to the Ucluelet Aquarium to satisfy our inner marine biologists. We met with the lovely Laura who works there and shown some of the exhibits. What’s so cool is that it’s a catch and release aquarium where they capture the fish, give them a great home and finally re-release them 6 months to a year later. It also opened very recently and is a real community initiative where lumber companies donated many of the timbers, school kids hand painted parts of the aquarium wall etc… They have all sorts of creatures on exhibit but my favorite is the lady octopus below.

If you’re hungry, I suggest you hit up Ukee Dog which was actually a place someone suggested to me on , seriously. They have good dogs but personally,I don’t like hot dogs so I got the salmon sliders and it was dreamy. I could eat it for lunch for at least a few weeks without getting sick of it, that good.

Finally we visited the Amphitrite lighthouse at dusk. This lighthouse is one of many that were put along Vancouver Island’s west coast because it’s notoriously dangerous for sailors and dozens of ships have found their final resting spot here. At one point it was so dangerous that the whole coast was nicknamed the Graveyard of the Pacific, intense!? Check out the shot I got on my iphone, curious to see how Brendan’s came out…

The photo below is of the room I’ve been in, I think I love it.

That’s it for now, stay tuned for a video blog from the Wild Pacific Trail.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn moreĀ  visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Starting to Really Like Ucluelet, British Columbia

  1. Rob, your posts are just getting better and better everyday! One day soon I am going to have to figure out how to get in your suitcase to see all this with my own eyes although your pictures are definitely making me feel that I am living this amazingly breathtaking and beautiful ride right along with you through BC. I just cant wait for the vlog. Oh and thanks so much for the lighthouse pic. I love lighthouses, it is my favorite picture although it is hard to rank any of them against each other. Especially the one with your crazy “oh-so-surprised” face!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words because I really and truly do love writing about adventures in new parts of this planet. I think when nanotechnology becomes widespread, customs officials will have their work cut out for them!

      The photo I took of the lighthouse is 23.64% as good as the ones that came out on an SLR camera. The more I look at his shots the more I’m thinking of getting a camera like that and stepping up my game. We visited the lighthouse from 9-10PM when the lighting was just right, it was cool shooting at that time and INCREDIBLY windy.

      Safe travels!

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