Visiting the Waterfalls in Krka National Park, Croatia

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So I’ve already talked about Sibenik which is a city I’m sure is new to many of you, yes? Well in that bloggery which you can read here, I mention that it’s a great base for visiting Krka National Park. Without a doubt one of the most attractive parts is the waterfalls, especially Skradinski buk which is where we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon hiking around. Looking back, I should have ran to the car and pulled a Superman in a phone booth style change to go swimming but that is neither here nor there. These waterfalls are stunning and have some of the most crystal clear water you’ll see anywhere.


First off, there are numerous waterfalls all with their own names but Skradinski buk is the final and widest one. When you arrive in the park it doesn’t look like there is that much going on; that’s until you start to see the falls and the people who have flocked to them. The park is quite accessible for those who are able bodied with some level of fitness. I mention this because to get to the base of the falls on one side there is this very steep climb and I saw a few older people catching their breath as they got to the top. That said, the long way is considerably more leisurely.


So basically the hiking trail we took was this big leisurely loop which started with a steep descent of stairs to the base of the waterfalls. From there it was a casual stroll on these boardwalks until we were right back where we started .The waterfalls are the widest in Europe and the shores are covered with locals and tourists alike soaking in the sun before taking the time to go soak themselves in the cool pools formed at the base. In a distance of 400m there are 17 waterfalls which drop 47.5m from top to bottom and are 100m at the widest point; indeed! I felt the water and the term that comes most to mind to describe it is refreshing.


This park is roughly 10,000km squared  so there is lots to see and do, something else I’d love to visit one day is Visovac Island which reminds me of Lake Bled. It’s funny how they aren’t far from each other and if you look at photos, are quite similar yet one is touted far and wide from all tourists going to Europe while this is the first I’ve heard of Visovac Island? I’m not a huge camper but I wouldn’t mind spending some time in these parks; maybe a night. That said, I also love the idea of waking up at 4am and hitting the park, hiking like Hercules then retiring to Sibenik. There I’d indulge in a distinguished dinner followed by seaside drinks; sounds alright, yes?


Since it’s a national park there is no fishing or basically harming of anything that lives there which makes sense. That said, it is a bit of a dream for fishermen as the pools are filled with fish. I don’t tell you this so you can potentially get slapped with a huge fine and generally be a bad person;I tell you this so you can bring your snorkel equipment! With that in hand you could marvel at the mastery of the magnificent underwater world. My recommendation is spend a hot summers day playing in the pools of Skradinski buk while staring in wonder at all the wide waterfalls and routinely scoping out the underwater scene with your snorkel equipment…






I grew up with a dalmatian named Maxsie and glad to have made it to Dalmatia.

Oh yeah, made a video; look for that on the Sportestery Youtube Channel.

FYI – I was invited to Croatia as part of a campaign that was created and sponsored by Croatian National Tourist Board in partnership with iambassador. That said, obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be.

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