Singapore Has Been Sweet & Bouncing to Bali, Indonesia

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Before we go too far into the day including delightfully random meals and moods let’s discuss the main message which is that this afternoon we’re going back back to Bali Bali. The flights are booked and I’ll be staying The Stones Hotel, Legian, Bali – Autograph Collection by Marriott. This is pretty sweet for a few reasons mainly that Bali, Indonesia is without a doubt a world-class playground for those lucky enough to find themselves there. This really proves that you’ll never know unless you go; below is a sneak peak…


First off Singapore never stops to amaze me. It’s so built up but especially so when you hit Orchard Road. It’s like miles of intricate malls almost like futuristic ant colonies and anything you ever wanted can be purchased at a somewhat reasonable price. The infrastructure in this country will blow your mind the first few times you pause to consider exactly what’s happening here. There is no doubt as to why Singapore is one of the world’s largest economies despite being one of its smallest nations.

After a late night yours truly got up to an early start, much like what’s happening now as I type this at 5:22am. Something I like is that whether you wake at 5 in the morning or in the afternoon, basically all the same amenities are available within reason and it’s not uncommon to be hitting up a random store in the mall at say 10:30PM at night. It’s kinda shocking actually at the hours the shops keep but it’s more in-tune with life and spending habits than the rigid 9-5 routine when really, most are working anyways.

Yesterday started with some Hawker stall goodness aka a fish ball soup of sorts before making my way to meet a programer friend of mine for the first time. Afterwards it was off to Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for lunch with a good friend. Afterwards we stumbled into the moon cake festival which happens once a year and tested all sorts of different delectable desserts. It’s a Chinese festival and those little cakes are quite out of this world in the taste department as the name suggests. Feeling free and foolish? Try the durian ones…

I was supposed to look for some more shoes but one thing lead to another and I was back on my way to China Town to meet up with an interesting lady who shares similar interests as I in the travel space. It was enlightening and brought back a flood of memories from my last visit to this small yet sizable city state. Singapore is a petite place when looking at the planet but once you’re in the middle of the mix it actually feels quite massive. I can see why many with options choose to base themselves here but more on that another time.

Not long after met another new friend at Brotzeit on Somerset for dinner and drinks. I’ll note that the MRT subway system they have here is one of the best I’ve ever used. It’s also incredibly efficient and affordable. Getting around the core of Singapore without a car is not only easy but a real treat. I loaded $20 onto a card upon arrival and have not even used half the value. I always think I’ll need more time when traveling between spots and fascinated with the speed and Swiss like precision of the whole thing.

Let’s get back to Bali for a second. It kinda came out of nowhere and can’t believe I’m going back to Bali! I’ll be staying in Legian which is right near the heart of the action with lots to do in all directions. Last time I didn’t explore much of the island and I’m not sure if I’ll even do it this time or not. That said, I do plan on getting reacquainted with some of the most magnificently affordable massages in the world. There are things happening at The Stones Hotel over the course of the week but we’ll get into those as they occur, yes?

All that said, who knows what will happen but I’ll share it here and will be there until September 2nd so stay tuned.

Thanks again to my friends at PanadBed for the short term apartment rental in Singapore, it was appreciated!

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P.S: Should have written this last night as I can’t feel my flow but sometimes your mind freezes as your head hits the pillows.

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    1. It was good and love how it’s totally normal to eat that type of thing for breakfast here. Much preferred over say cereal or eggs and bacon.

  1. In Bali, you should try to hang out with Dan Andrews of the Lifestyle Business Podcast if he’s around. Sounds like a straight up cool guy!

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