Serious Chinook Salmon Fishing, Kitimat River, BC

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Good day!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of experiencing the best fishing of my entire life! We went on a drift boat with a gregarious guide named Greg from Nicholas Dean Lodge and had a sensational time salmon fishing in the not far from Terrace, Brtitish Columbia. What a place, what fishing and what a day, not a cloud in sight!!

The video is of the first fish I hooked which was a chinook and sadly, we lost as it was coming up to the net. Greg believes it was roughly double the size of the one I have above in the photo which is a chum. Let’s forget size for a second, all fish are different like all people are. Some are fighters, some aren’t and most are in the middle. The fish that got away has given me a reason to come back here and fish the waters until I get my beast.

Salmon fishing is amazing, they fight so hard and they are such a spectacular species. If you’re into fishing and want to try your luck at possibly some of the best fishing of your life, come to Terrace and get involved. We stayed at the Yellow Cedar Lodge and the place is first class. It’s the type of place where you’re really surrounded by nature, have a killer view and dinner is at 7. Everyone eats together and you may find yourself at a table with an older oil executive here for two weeks and some fine people filming a television show, seriously.

We’re off on another adventure, this is not only one of the trips highlights but the highlight of my fishing career!

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.

Thanks again for the awesome day fishing Greg!

Tips hat,

P.S: Full video to come, stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “Serious Chinook Salmon Fishing, Kitimat River, BC

  1. Nice catch and judging from the video it was a quite the job bringing it in! how long did it take from the moment it hooked on to the moement you took that trophy pic? In true Sportestery fashion i most cincerely hope you ate that fish and used its head to bait and trap grizzly bears!

    1. We started the video after Brendan got his line in, it ended 15 min or so later, while thing on camera.

      The term “shark it” means grab the reel to stop losing line as the drag has been overpowered. It’s handy when fighting a monster in rapids with lots of logs.

      Had I sharked it, maybe would have had him!

  2. yeah dude! That is the photo i have been waiting to see. Keep fighting those salmon and wrestling with the Grizzly bears. Next up is a steelhead for you.

  3. Wow. Looks amazing Rob. I have to say I have really enjoyed following you through BC. I have been marking places down that I am going to visit over the next year. Terrace and the Kitimat River definitely fall into this category! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks and it’s on my list of places to return to. In a perfect world would fish it annually for 3-7 days in early August.

      If you like fishing, you’ll love it.

  4. That is a big fish! I love the smile on your face… that has to be the biggest smile ever! You look like a kid in a candy store! Awesome! Don’t worry about the one that got away… there are plenty of big fish out there.

  5. Way to go, Rob! I knew you couldn’t visit BC and not take advantage of the incredible fishing all around you. My wife landed a 40-lb Chinook out in Bristol Bay Alaska a few years ago. Massive, tiring battle. But, we’ll be back there in late August so I guess she enjoyed herself! Maybe it’s because the lodge we stay at offers nighttime massages for guests after a grueling day of fishing! You’ll be back for sure to pursue your big salmon. After all, you’ll need a break from LCI at least sometime…

    1. I’m hooked, literally. A 40lbs chinook!? I know how it feels only the one that got away was smaller than 40lbs, the fight in those things mixed with some rapids is just insanity.

      I”m very glad we got a chance to do the fishing as a huge portion of tourists I meet are coming to British Columbia for the fishing and everything else is a bonus. You’re right, I could not come to BC and leave without fishing and hopefully having the picture above which is myself with a trophy.

      I’m already planning a return, I’d like to make Terrace an annual thing in a perfect world…

      Safe travels, good sir.


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