Seeing the “BIG 5” on Safari in Kruger National Park

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Just finished two days in Kruger National Park, South Africa doing safari and was lucky enough to see ALL of the “BIG 5” in the wild. We went on four game drives total and had seen the entire group by the end of our second one. Considering I saw near none of them the first time I did safari in Tanzania, feel blessed to have been able to witness them. In case you are wondering the “Big 5” of safari are rhino, lion, leopard, Cape buffalo and of course the elephant.

We saw a pride of 9 lions, look at the teeth on that lioness!

We saw several rhinos, beautiful creatures and real pity they are being poached.

Witnessed countless elephants who truly are “King of the Castle”.

Was lucky enough to see a leopard on 3 occasions.

Ran into herd of 1000 Cape buffalo. Maybe 200 were in sight but most covered by long grass.

After my first experience in safari I felt lucky to have seen what I had and left feeling satisfied. All the animals and even the countless interesting birds are spectacular to witness but the “Big 5” are special. Although the lion is what I wanted to see most, the leopard is hands down my favorite and if I had to be one, would opt for an elephant despite being more like a monkey but that is neither here nor there. Hopefully I’ll get to revisit Kruger National Park in South Africa again but life is fickle, who knows?

If you get the chance to take a safari in your lifetime, do it!

As always, safari photo credit goes to the gentleman named “Dave” aka @Darodi.

Special thanks to Singita Lebombo and our beyond talented guides Brian and Exon.

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6 thoughts on “Seeing the “BIG 5” on Safari in Kruger National Park

    1. So lucky, blessed really. Last time I only saw 1/5 and others at the lodge said they had to go on 12 drives to see the Big 5 and even then they considered themselves pretty lucky.

      Whenever it happens, you’re going to love it.

    1. We went with as part of the #VisitSouthAfrica trip. Apart from that, can’t recommend any others in the area. We stayed for 2 days and had 4 game drives. Obviously the place was out of this world. Good luck, enjoy and share some photos with us on !

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