Scotland is Incredibly Scenic

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I’m writing this from Edinburgh, Scotland and sadly I’m heading home tomorrow. The last week or so has been incredible and I got to see a side of Scotland that I didn’t even know existed. I had heard of many of the spots I had the pleasure of visiting but never did I expect them to be as beautiful as they are. Many people think visiting a large city or so in a country is getting to know it but that’s incorrect; it’s spending time in the countryside that really shows you what the place is all about.


It’s been a busy trip, let me tell you a little more about it… After a day in Edinburgh I made my way to St. Andrews and it was everything I had imagined. The Old Course was spectacular and so was the weather which made the experience that much more memorable. I didn’t spend too much time around the course as I’d like to play it one day so focused on seeing the castle and the cathedral. We also visited Falkland Castle which boasts being home to the oldest tennis court in Britain. That night I saw the Military Tattoo and highly recommend it; it’s a unique experience.


Following that I had a great time in Glasgow and even had the pleasure of playing a round of golf at The Carrick Golf Course which was just lovely. I also went on a Glasgow Music City Tour and had some of the best scallops of my life at Gandolfi Cafe; it had everything I like on a plate including asparagus. On the topic of great meals, Mister Singhs is a seriously tasty Indian restaurant and their butterfly king prawns are out of this world.


The Isle of Mull was my introduction to the islands and I had one of those travel moments standing outside Glengorm Castle where everything was just perfect. Following that it was off to meet a certain Mr. David Sexton and right as we arrived they had spotted a juvenile sea eagle; sure enough when we arrived some lady had just spooked it by accident and we saw it take flight; a rare occurrence and one I’m quite thrilled about. The weather on Mull was mixed but mostly sunshine and when the light is right, it’s hard to think of a more picturesque place on this planet.


We made our way to Tobermory and caught a ferry to the mainland and took the scenic route to Arisaig where we spent the night. Following that I went sea kayaking which was quite a trip; if someone had told me that Scotland has white sand beaches I’d of thought they were joking but they do! We explored some while taking a break from the kayaking outside the Bay of Arisaig. Afterward myself and my guide Cory got out on the links at Traigh Golf Course; a quaint Scottish highlands course.


Next was the Isle of Skye and all I can say is that I was lucky enough to have perfect weather for my time there. We drove around the island, hiked the Quiraing and it was other worldly. The dark green mountains connecting with the light blue sky and fast moving clouds crossing in front of the sun was a surreal experience. Words can’t describe how beautiful it was and the images only hint at what it’s all about; hopefully the videos coming soon will give you a better idea.


Following that we made our way with lots of stops along the way to Dunvegan Castle where I toured the gardens and the castle itself. I’m a fan of castles and this most certainly did not disappoint; I could have spent longer on the grounds but we were off to catch another ferry. We made our way to Fort Augustus where we spent the night on the shores of . I didn’t see the monster but I did try my first haggis and can only wonder why I didn’t try it sooner?! I would say it’s black pudding’s tastier sibling if that makes sense.


Finally it was time to head to Inverness and I did some biking along the way. The cool mountain air on your face as you cruise down the country lanes will surely awaken your soul while you get lost in the scenery that surrounds you.  Finally we were in Inverness and the end of the trip with a train back to Edinburgh. I just had a good evening out with some friends;  the Fringe Festival is on and it’s a Friday so the streets are alive. Naturally I haven’t mentioned everything that happened on the trip but hope to go into further detail in the not too distant future.


I only spent a little over a week in Scotland but I feel like I’ve gotten to know the place.  I saw lots but realize I only really sampled a sliver of the pie called Scotland. Even though I haven’t left yet, I’d love to return to play several courses along the coast, eat lots more haggis and try my hand at some fishing; perhaps during salmon season. I’d continue but it’s time to pack to avoid a panic attack tomorrow when the alarm surely rings.


It’s always worth getting outside the cities and into the countryside…

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P.S: The Viewfield House Hotel on the Isle of Skye was my favourite accommodation.


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  1. Loved your article! I visited Edinbugh recently for my daughters graduation. Emily surprised me with a bus tour, “Hairy Coo” which took us out to the Highlands and a scenic boat tour to Bass Rock. I highly recommend both, if you should visit again. Loved Edinbugh; great city, food and people. I will admit that I thought Emily was insane to move across the pond but I am so happy that she chose Edinburgh for her home away from home.

    1. Edinburgh is a wonderful city and thanks for the recommendations on the tours. I do plan on visiting again and absolutely love the highlands; what a place!

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