Saturday Night at Secret Cinema, Los Angeles

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Saturday started with finishing up the conference and a call to an old friend. We decided to kick it on my last day in LA so I took a cab out to see what was occurring. Minutes later we’re going back downtown to check out this loft in a choice location. We run into some gents and one thing leads to another then another, chill with someones sister, then a brother and end up at Secret Cinema…

We went to a party at someones apartment in the downtown core before going into this bar that was literally packed, so packed you couldn’t move. At about 2 am we drove to somewhere you’ll never find unless you have the address. We had the address and still couldn’t find it, a drive around the block a few times type deal.

I had never heard of Secret Cinema but the gents I was with are also world travelers and know a thing or two about parties. They basically said it was something I had to see or forever regret. Was reluctant as an 11am flight was looming in the distance and I felt like a doggy bag filled with day old unrefrigerated dairy products. Anyways it turns out there is Secret Cinema London. This guy in Vancouver last night was talking about it before I even brought it up, rather random.

Even with the directions, took a while to find. It’s basically a venue announced the night of the party that is set up in a slick way filled with interesting people, really loud music that doesn’t stop until 10am or so and a big shiny disco ball. The vibe was very easy going and great energy, no element of hostility you find in many/most clubs. That being sad, couldn’t do them every weekend unless one was nocturnal or had super human powers.

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P.S: Thanks to those gents who said “This is something you have to experience, you’re coming”.

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