Road Trip Through Paradise aka Naxos, Greece

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Greetings from Naxos, Greece.

Let us just say that if today were a song, I’d play on loop until a friend of mine took the turn tables and threw them out a 10th story window into a small sausage stand below. Rented a car and drove around Naxos, discovered an abandoned castle and chilled in it, rolled home through small towns, enjoyed great food and passed out on a world class beach.

We woke up and hit up “Some dude’s shop” to get a car, they wanted 20E for a tiny manual car, I told them I haven’t drove a car in 2 years and haven’t drove stick in over 4. They led us to another place to get an automatic car, his “friends”.

When we get there, they wanted 30E, I said how is 20, they all got offended and up in my face, @#$#@ em. Roll back to Mike’s and he’s like do you bargain at a grocery store!? At which point I let him know that the island is dead at the moment and that I am a business man.

I said “If I had 40 cars sitting in the lot and the prospects of renting one today were slim to none and someone offered me a reasonable price, I’d jump on it, move the unit”. We left on sour terms. He was a creep anyways, he was like “I’ll give you the car for free if you leave one of the women here, you don’t need 3”.

Rolled up the street and met a lady, I said “How’s 25E for an automatic?” She jumped at it, the deal was done. We drove through the winding mountains and through tiny villages where the car BARELY fit, if you have poor spacial awareness, you’re screwed. We drove into this small quaint town on a wrong turn…

Not sure how they roll here on bartering… Just looking at those dudes though, I know if I was selling something, they’d grind me like a meat grinder, not the pleasurable kind that happens on random dance floors around the world on any given night. Also, there are like 15 car rental places, the competition is fierce.

Most would turn around but we figured our tiny Kia was “SUPER CAR” and as a result we took it down a donkey trail, it was a dead end. Went back and found another donkey trail, while we were driving it down there, I told the Canadian ladies that I hope they are good pushers as I don’t think this tiny lamb will make it up this beast of a hill…

Roll into an abandoned castle, not the kind you are used to that are total ruins or turned into a museum with the “cool parts roped off”. Just a rotting castle in the middle of nowhere, this thing was MINT. It was 4 stories and totally falling apart, not safe.

We explored it like kids on summer break, I envisioned myself speaking Greek yelling at a butler while throwing a leg of lamb across the large dinning room because it was too cold and the mint wasn’t minty enough (whatever that means).

Afterwards the tiny car made it up the beast of a hill and we took a wrong turn, I ended at this T where it turned into a walking path, whooops, let’s just say that in the game of travel, I believe I earned another “badge” or “star” or whatever for navigating and not scraping this thing, inching through these places, it was quite the experience.

We rolled into Kinidaros and into this family cafe, it was just the family hanging out and we ordered a pizza. It took a long time to cook and the sweet lady who ran it gave an appetizer of soft feta and then something I”m not sure about, but delicious. It was like this type of bread with a feta and egg mixed in the middle, an epic win, I loved it. The pizza came and it was beyond delicious it was the “house special”.

Back in the ride! Off we drove through the winding hills of Naxos, wow, what a beautiful place. Seriously, I could easily live here 3 months of the year, July, August & September. Honestly, it’s been a long time since I’ve been somewhere and I just *LOVED IT*. This place has grown on me, quickly.

Apres, we drove to Filoti and saw this tower, we ended up driving into this ladies yard, all I know is “hello”. We said hello and kinda made a gesture to say it’s it cool if we cross your lawn to get a photo of this tower, she was all smiles, then continued doing what she was up to as though we weren’t there. To get there was the most “epic squeeze” I’ve been involved in yet, besides the odd short seller slaying.

The place was cool and we drove to Agia Anna Bay. Upon arriving we just lay on the sand and I actually passed out, I don’t remember the dream but it was arguably one of the most pleasant ones I’ve ever had in my life. I woke up to this kid running by my head to get a frisby which was weird as besides him we were the only people there. Ok that’s a small lie, this one dude walked by who looked like Mario but was dressed in clashing green so we’ll call him “Luigi”.

Afterwards drove to Plaka and then off to this small Kebab place, it’s low season and the guy looked generally stoked to have us roll in and make an order, he was whistling and singing as he made our pita’s, it was cool.

Now I’m back at our apartment and one of the ladies is making a delicious smelling dinner with all the left over food we have. Living with women is very different, previously, besides my long term girlfriend, I’ve only lived with guys. Girls are cleaner and way more “on the ball” on 90% of things I’ve noticed, quite the change of pace for this gent.

Tomorrow, rolling into Athens where I’ll spend the night and put on a terrorist mask to run around and get the protests riled up, just kidding. I have a very important date on the 13th, seeing my mother for the first time in 20 months and we’re going to explore Rome, then Sicily and afterward the Amalfi Coast.

The Greek Islands are beautiful, I’d like to explore more one day, I just may. It’s one of those places where every once in a while you catch yourself and you’re like “Wow, on the world map, I’m here”.

I’d continue, but there are large jugs of wine here, they won’t drink themselves…

Tips hat,

P.S: Wow, apparently I’m feeling verbose.

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  1. Love it. Glad you are enjoying. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Rome & Amalfi Coast. I am sending you restaurant recs for Rome and Positano.


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