Rainy Season in Costa Rica

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There is much discussion about rainy season in Costa Rica and what it actually means. We all know that rainy season is basically the equivalence of winter in locations that are otherwise known as a “tropical paradise”. The real question is just how much rain is there and would it still make a great vacation?

I’m not trying to say don’t come here, just realize that rainy season and especially the tail end aka late October is dead and for good reason. It can rain for days on end and it’s not some lame drizzle. It’s a full on assault aka a wall of water that comes and dumps on you with no mercy like your first girlfriend in high school at prom or something lousy like that.

I know gents who run bars in the Caribbean and they don’t even open from October 14th – November 1st.  Why? Because it’s officially the deadest time of the year and basically just a rainstorm. I’m mentioning this because if you’re taking a vacation and you only have a few weeks, go in high season. Sure things are pricier but you’ll get your “tropical experience” and even complain about the heat.

This photo was taken from my friend’s balcony and you can see that the front lawn has become a pond that is moving towards a lake. There was so much rain that the gardener had to dig a ditch. If you’re looking to just kick it and you’re somewhere cool it’s just business as usual. As a perpetual traveler, I’m quite liking it. It’s not as hot as usual and I don’t feel bad spending days at a time in front of the computer.

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6 thoughts on “Rainy Season in Costa Rica

  1. Kind of looks like the pictures of front yards that people are posting from NYC and New Jersey right now (except, well, happier). Meanwhile, here in Chicago: freezing, awful wind.

    1. Most certainly time to get out of Chicago.

      I’ve been seeing some of those photos, I’m just glad mine has palm trees in it.

  2. As i have read before on your blog, some of the best days can be spent indoors good sir. Still looks awesome just wet im guessing. Good advice though. No point in booking a vacation when everything is closed. Hope our still having a great time bro. Getting too chilly to golf here anyways.
    chat soon.

    1. I’m logging excessive computer usage and loving every minute of it.

      If you’re going to book a trip, come when the sun is always shining and with a smile. When there are more tourists, more places are open and probably later. You’ll also run into more interesting characters which ultimately lead to good times and interesting travel tales.

      If I wasn’t staying at a friends, not sure I’d still be around this time of year. That said, having a great time and no plans to leave.

  3. I live in Scotland so I’m pretty much used to it raining everyday for long periods of time. By that I mean always. I reckon I could totally deal with rain for some peace and quiet: it looks perfect!

  4. I’m from Arizona, so I love a good dose of rain when I travel. I found December a good time to be in Costa Rica – still some rain, but it lets up pretty often so you can go out and do things. It’s kind of a shoulder season, so not everything is booked. Plus there’s some holiday parade in San Jose that I wandered into unexpectedly … and that was a lot of fun.

    Another problem with rainy season in Costa Rica: The clouds obscure the top of Volcan Arenal. Half the fun of going there is watching it spout some glowing cinders at night.

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