Purchasing Another Piece of Paradise on Little Corn

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Writing this from my office feeling like someone who just got confirmation that a certain wire sending packets of cash made it through the switches while avoiding the glitches into its new home. The trade? The trade is yours truly now owns a half acre near the top of the hill on Little Corn Island with a pleasant panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea, indeed. I had no plans on purchasing more land but “security is not the meaning of life and great opportunities are worth the risk”. Believe it or not, found that saying randomly opening my student planner to find a quote for my high school grad write up.

Anyways, the piece has over 30 trees on it, some of them skidly while others simply stunning with big branches bearing fruits. It’s got enough mangoes to make me hate them and some fruit that remains a mystery to me.  Since it’s been part of a pasture where cows have been grazing for god knows how long, the lot is already quite under control and it’s high time to start thinking of which trees must get a chop so the others can really start to pop.

I have no idea what I’m going to do or when I’m going to do it. The reality of the matter is that I’m still a single gent happily addicted to travelling without any real commitments to slow me down. A house would be slick but it would also be a hassle. At the end of the day, securing your spot for the future now is what it’s all about as I’m 20-30 years ahead of “the crew” that wants to retire in the tropics. If I decide to build in a decade does it really matter? Who knows where things are going but I’ve made my bed and so far am happily sleeping in it.

In a few years there will be an international airport on Big Corn and they are already expanding the tarmac to accommodate larger flights. With this comes an internationally accredited hospital and fire station; growing old here just became easier. There are also the issues of a growing tourism industry and the Nicaragua Canal which supposedly may be partially open in 2019 and will dwarf the Panama Canal.  All this is in the horizon and additional reasons why this island is so attractive in my eyes besides the fact I plan on living part of the year here.

Oh yeah, something I really love is that it gets a great view of sunrise aka the most majestic and meaningful part of the day in my world. You can watch sunset anywhere but if you’re an early bird, chances are you’re near your homestead. The view above is zoomed in from sitting beneath a mango tree half way up the lot, I can only imagine what it will be like from a 12ft second floor patio at the back. It’s also a spot in which I can see myself happily entertaining anyone I’ve ever had the pleasure of getting acquainted with, that’s important.

Get out there and explore because you’ll never know unless you go…

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12 thoughts on “Purchasing Another Piece of Paradise on Little Corn

  1. Good for you Rob. Likely a wise decision as it will bear fruit on your land literally and in the nonderivative market of profitability.

  2. There was a time that I thought that you would be leaving Little Corn. Now, you are putting down some kind of roots, perhaps. Find your corner and make something of it. There are not too many corners left.

    Perhaps I will get to meet you down there yet.

    Best regards,


    1. I’ve concluded that regardless of how much you travel, the game of musical chairs eventually stops and you want a seat in the shade.

      I’ll be around and looking forward to it.

      1. Well said, sir!

        Awesome that you’ve been able to purchase a piece of land. I am in a similar place, a coastal area in India, which has great potential for tourism, but is as yet, undiscovered (relatively).

        I am contemplating buying land here,my own “piece of heaven” on earth. An international airport’s due to come up here, and it is relaxed, peaceful and laid-back.

        Lots of mangoes here, the sweetest in the country, apparently this region is famous for them.

        Wish you well for your new place, and congratulations!

        1. Thank you and I have heard great things about your area. The islands in the area really talk to me.

          I wish you luck on your quest, good sir!

  3. Terrific news, and congratulations to you! Chops will now have a larger lot to patrol too. I will be back…and we will fish together.

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