Photos From a Private Walking Tour in Prague aka Praha, Czech Republic

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To whom it may concern,

Went on a walking tour today, a private one. By private I mean I just got out of bed and went for a really long stroll. I saw some other walking tours but they didn’t have any smoking hot Brazilian women so I just kept walking. I talked with one lady for a bit who ran it but she seemed kinda boring. I went on 1 and well it was dope but not my style.

Prague is BEAUTIFUL and I’m glad I went on this stroll, I saw a lot and missed a lot I’m sure but hey, I’m in Prague and I took these photos, I’d say I saw a good chunk. I guess I could have looked up a Prague city guide but clearly that was not in the cards for this trip. Check this, some family was going into the gothic torture museum. I went into Warwick Castle when I was like 10 and saw their dungeon and it gave me nightmares for like a decade. If you’ve only got , or a few more I highly suggest you take a walking tour.

The kids that went in were like 7 and 9, eh dad? How about you leave them outside to play with the buskers or anything while you go get your sick gothic torture fetish fix, yes? haha, seriously though… Parents these days, shakes head.

I went to the tesco lotus to pick up some food today as I’m really sick and need some “soul cleansing” whatever that means… I had all the stuff then said “cooking for yourself is depression at its best” so I put it all back and bought some random stuff. I thought one was potato salad but it was like goats cheese, I like goats cheese but NOT 150g at once. I did my best to kill it though.

Tonight, I’m going to venture to have a decent dinner somewhere, I’m in Prague, I can get a nice dinner for under 10E. Back home all I have is some crap served by a waitress who hates her life and cooked by a kid I wouldn’t want hanging out with mine when I have themĀ  in the future, ok I’m grossly over exaggerating but whatever.

Basically there is lots to see and do here, unless I bounce tomorrow, I may go on a catacombs tour just because I think castles, underground lairs and even dragons are cool. Ever thought as well that you are lucky to be around, I mean everyone who is here in the now had family that survived through these times… I’m talking medieval times where you’d get tortured for anything really.

Finally, I have realized that traveling alone is NOT for everyone but if you can hack it, it’s a totally different trip. What do I mean by that? If you’re in a group and approach anyone they are apprehensive, if you have a kind and open demeanor, you can approach anyone and be well received, think about it. One day when I’m not constantly traveling I will write more in the “thoughts” section but for now, too much else to talk about really.

I have been testing this theory lately, seriously.

Oh yeah, the American dude left this morning, gave me a map and a rail pass. He was going to Krakow, Poland so I filled him in on some stuff. I gave the rail pass to this French kid I met on the street and didn’t use the map. Maps take away all the fun. If you’re alone, do NOT take a map out and just ask interesting people for directions along the way, your day will be very different and seconds change minutes that change hours that change days that change lifetimes… Ever thought how missing a bus changes everything in your life because everyone you ever meet will not be the same who were there 5 minutes earlier…

Oh yeah once more, that massive tower you see over the river is the biggest tourist attraction and takes a while to get there. I got there and the line you see below is the around the corner part, I’m talking hundreds of people in line, I have no clue what is in there but I am not waiting to find out. Also the picture inside the church was taking in stealth mode, shhhhh.

Just remembered something, some friends may be coming here and a friend messaged me with the s to this girl he used to work with in Victoria who is from Prague and recently moved home, he said she is cool and could `fill me in on the city`, that sounds alright to this gentleman, indeed it does. Flip side is, I really want to milk that Eurail pass to the end now, we`re approaching it being 2/3rds done, where does time go!?

Flick of the ball cap,

P.S: Nothing.

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