Perfect Day in Paradise – Little Corn Style

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Good day,

I’m writing this from the comfort of the Corn Islands and I really have to say, today was one of the best days in recent memory. It was the epitome of living “island life” in every sense of the word and rekindled my love for the islands I’m beyond proud to call home. It all started at 5:45am when I woke up thinking I had overslept, how wrong I was…

I decided to do what any gentleman would do at such an hour, that’s walk up the hill to hang out with an early rising friend who happens to live in a mango orchard and makes some of the best coffee you’ll find around these parts. We drank a few cups and had a few laughs before I strolled up to the baseball diamond which doubles as my own private golf course from 5-7am in the morning. I oiled my short game for an hour or so before hitting the gym, yes the gym.

If you have an active imagination, the world is truly your oyster. In the baseball stands I did some random workouts when I saw a yoga instructor friend running by, flagged her down and we did side-bends and sit ups while discussing the realities of “island life”. Not long after that, I cruised through some fields and ran into an island elder who was tending to some cows in what has become a magnificent mango orchard.

We went for a long walk and made casual conversation while pulling the rope of a stubborn cow. I showed him how we’re going to fix something on a property of mine and went our separate ways. Get back to my spot and see breakfast waiting with a now cool cup of coffee, crush it and go see a friend to pickup my once destroyed hard-drive; remember that post “Suffering a Digital Death”?! Looks like I’ve had all my Australian footage resurrected, indeed.

Later I ran into some new and old friends and did as people like us do.

I came back home and there was a Ron Don waiting which is the typical island dish. It’s a coconut broth of sorts that you can never stop stirring, it had fish, every type of root you can imagine from the island and get this, pig tails. First time hitting pig tails and it won’t be my last, my dog also loved the left-overs but no surprise there, yes??

Next, a quick snorkel; why not? I’d be lying if I saw much as my mask is messed up and frankly, it was more of a cool off than anything. Following that it was the trip on a small fuel ship to Big Corn Island where I am now. I’m here for a few days to work something out and seriously, get back in this digital game and enjoy some cool fan action during the day; crazy how small things often taken for granted can feel like a luxury when removed for a period of time.

It’s days like this which make all the uncertainty attached to this lifestyle worthwhile. Most say they’d love to travel the world indefinitely but you know what? They wouldn’t and 3-6 months is usually the threshold for most before they start to “miss” what they had instead of focusing on what is out there waiting. Days like today are a reminder that there are things like this waiting; you just need to wake up and grab the opportunity before it’s gone…

Truly a perfect day in paradise – Little Corn Island style.

Tips hat,

P.S: Photo is from sunset the other day.

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  1. Hey bud.. going golfing sunday.. need a 4th.. come on down… and stay awhile .new gas tank on the boat runs like a charm if you miss it we will find it..

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