Off to #ExploreCroatia on a Road Trip

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I’m writing this from my room in Miami, Florida where I’m waiting for a flight which leaves tomorrow afternoon. I’m flying to Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia and to say I’m excited about this trip would be an understatement. I’m joining a few other bloggers that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before and we’re taking a road trip from Zagreb to Dubrovnik. I love road trips and have heard nothing but great things about Croatia; especially this time of year…

In Zagreb we’ll be doing a city tour before learning more about something called the neck tie, heard of it? What’s ironic is I used to wear one all the time in my old life but had no idea how to tie those knots and now I’m getting the full history and a clinic on the various styles; funny how life works out, yes? That evening we’ll be visiting the Museum of Broken Relationships and considering we’ve all had a few, sure there is something for everyone.

Next up is a trip roughly 30 minutes outside Zagreb to Samobor where we’ll be doing a city tour and possibly a hike to Old Town. I love all old towns so hopefully that comes to fruition weather permitting. There we’ll be diving a bit deeper into the local culture by visiting a museum and taking part in several activities including a trip to the Plesivica wine road. There we’ll experience a wine tasting and a tour of the wine cellars at Korak; it’s a small operation situated on top of a hill offering stunning views of the surrounding Plesivica hills.

After that we’re making our way down to the city of Zadar which is a city situated on the Adriatic sea and known as the historical center of Dalmatia. History aside, I’m excited to visit the region of Dalmatia because growing up I had a wonderful dog which was a Dalmatian. Dalmatians may look cuddly but they are serious creatures and the once official dog of firemen because they could keep pace with horses for long distances and fiercely defend them from dogs which would attack as they paraded through unknown territory. Of course today we have trucks so they’ve become mere mascots but that’s where it all started…

Next up we’ll be working our way down the coast until we finally make it to Dubrovnik; I’d go into further detail but a few surprises never hurt, yes? We’ll be visiting Paklenica National Park, Sibenik, Skradin, Split and of course Dubrovnik. I really don’t know what to expect and the fact that we’re doing this road trip style adds to the adventure. When traveling, destinations are what get us going somewhere but it’s on the road where many of the most memorable stories occur.

On this trip I’ll be accompanied by three other bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting before and looking forward to getting to know better. They are @Landlopers, and . Something else worth noting is that I’ve booked my return ticket to Miami from Zagreb on the 27th of November but more on that later… If you’d like to follow along in real-time, look for #ExploreCroatia on most social media networks.

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  1. Croatia has been at the top of my travel wishlist for a while now. Can’t wait to read about your adventures there!

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