Night Bus – Istanbul to Varna, Bulgaria

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Greetings from rainy Varna, Bulgaria.

Just took a night bus from Istanbul to Varna. Go to stop 120/121 at the Istanbul bus station, pay 60 trl and you’re set. They dump you at 4:45 am, lovely.

At some gas station restaurant and believer it or not, free wifi. Perfect for checking the market and realizing you are still long and wrong, ha! Waiting for witching hour to end before venturing into the city centre to find a bed. First priority is finding an ATM, have no currency on me but a $50us note, shrug.

Plan was to stay in Istanbul another night but it was raining and guesthouse was full so while en route to another one, just jumped on the tram to bus station. Asked the gent at desk if Sofia or Varna left next, Varna it was.

Arriving this time and in the rain sucks, nothing cool about it, hmmm a bed, anywhere. Supposedly a cool beach town, we shall see, yes?!

Spent rest of day before this wandering around Istanbul. Met a gent who runs a carpet store and drank tea until I couldn’t feel my face. He never once tried to sell me a carpet and paid for the tea. His name was Mustafa and owned Troy Rug Store. Later noticed he was a Lonely Planet pick for rug stores, random and they definitely got it right.

Going to miss Turkish food, it’s truly one of worlds best.

Tips hat,

P.S: just saw a Mercedes. Supposedly can buy for 2000E, maybe time to sell mine at home and change my mode of transport?! Hmmm

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4 thoughts on “Night Bus – Istanbul to Varna, Bulgaria

  1. just found your blog, your pretty much living my dream. As soon as I crush the market i’ll see you out there.

    1. Nice! Hope you haven’t been long last few weeks, ehhh! Tip: when you do go, close positions when back on road, was killing it in Bangkok, now getting killed.

  2. Missed you by a day! Have a great time in Varna. Once the sun shines again, make sure you hit the beach… 😉


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