Night Bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia

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Today was my final day in Istanbul, what a city. Taking a night bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia tonight at 8PM. It costs 50TRL and you can get it from the guest house. Whether you show up at the bus station or book through the hotel / hostel, it’s the same price so why not get picked up near the hostel, yes? It takes about 10 hours, should be a thrill ride.

Cappadocia is a massive province, I’m not even sure what city we’re going to, just said “tickets to Cappadocia, please”. I’m sure wherever I end is up where I was supposed to end up and whatever will transpire will do so for a reason, regardless if it makes sense now or ever, for that matter. Yes, that sounds about right, one believes.

Spent the day hanging out in coffee shops enjoying Turkish coffee, eating kebabs and drinking that salty yogurt like drink that is quite prevalent here. I’m surprised that Ottawa is still the only place I’ve been that offers garlic sauce with a kebab, it’s infinitely more appetizing than mayonnaise in my opinion, in fact it’s delicious and a perfect meal to have before a first date or job interview that involves working with the public.

Istanbul was cool, it’s so large with so much to do it’s almost overwhelming. Considering my main goal on this trip is just to experiences as many different slices of life as possible, I consider my work here done temporarily, good chance I’ll return before leaving Turkey but who knows.

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P.S: They were playing this song in one of the cafes, thought I’d share it.

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2 thoughts on “Night Bus from Istanbul to Cappadocia

  1. Rob, they will drop you off anywhere. I love the Turkish bus companies for this. You also get a host (think air travel) who gives you drinks and snacks and all the Chai you want.

    The main destination is Goreme, its where all the tourists go. But you can get them to drop you anywhere earlier. I think theres a less touristy place they go to as well, but its been a month, I forget the name.

    The bus ride does suck badly. But at least its overnight. So you dont lose a day.

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