Moto to Mo Paeng Waterfalls, Pai

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Greetings from Pai,

Since the last update it’s been about 2 days, too much to recount but it’s been fun. This place reminds me of my University town, tiny but awesome. Lot’s of the places here are really original and unique, almost as though someone just started building and went with it, like it a lot.

Went out for a beverage or so, met some people and the next day went on a trip to a local waterfall named Mo Paeng. It’s about 7km up hill. The bulk of guest houses / resorts are outside of town. Met the owner of the Pai Mountain Lodge, the photos above of the bungalows are from there. He was super friendly, just thought I’d throw that in.

You can really get a bungalow in the mountains in the middle of nowhere around here. After the waterfalls stopped at this little road-side restaurant / bar that was dead empty. Sat down and this guy came from the “Chill out Zone” and bought a coke. His back yard was this chill area where you could just kick back and it had horses, chickens, dogs and whatnot running around.

After an hour or so we took off, on the way back if you miss the turn to Pai don’t worry, we did and you just go on a considerably longer cruise until you hit the highway a ways out of town. The roads up there are barely bigger than a bike path and it’s some of the most amazing views I’ve yet to witness on this trip. The local people are very friendly, same with the people living outside of town.

Took a cruise at night and ended up at this resort. Talking with the owner he told me that even though they are “off the beaten path” it still fills up in the peak of high season. Thanks to online booking engines, he already has 1,000 rooms rented over next 2 months.¬† The Red Shirt protests and recession have hurt business here like I”m sure everywhere. Last year at this time the place was packed. Supposedly the majority of tourists are other Thai’s from the south.

When it comes to dinning I have to say I love Na’s Kitchen, some amazing Thai food at a good price, only complaint is my rice was cold. “The House Restaurant” was also really cool, tasty and cheap. I’m talking a veg stirfry with meat/tofu whatever for 30 baht. A pork schnitzel with mash and a salad for 90 and a watermelon shake for 20. That was my dinner today for ~$4.xxus.

It’s Halloween people, I may have to buy some thai pants and go as a hippy. It would be most appropriate as there is this jungle party with tribal house, trance, techno, ambient whatever. It’s a few KM outside of town and should be an experience. Last year it was Koh Tao which was cool but I’ve never been to something like this, should be “interesting”.

Walked a friend home after the bar and on my way back was harassed by a gang of about 8 shady dogs. They came out of nowhere then started barking. If one ran it would make it worse, just walked through it forcefully they kept coming close then backing up, one tried to grab my shoe, swung at him then they all suddenly stopped.

Dogs are so docile during the day sleeping so they can be terrors at night. I believe they get off on acting tough and that most are all bark no bite, that said it’s still a sketchy experience as you never know when one may just be a tad loco or rabid.

Supposedly 5-10 years ago a lot of the town was just pastures. It’s growing quite fast and considerably tourist. If one is looking for what Pai would have been like 5-10 years ago they must go deeper into the golden triangle.

Peace out from Pai,

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