Monday Morning on a Caribbean Island

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Good day,

The above photo depicts the sentiment of a manic Monday morning on Little Corn Island in the Caribbean Sea, in fact it’s not that different than any other day. The above shot was taken this morning at about 10AM in front of Elsa’s. Starting to get island fever, not. Sleeping in is an issue here so went for a long sunrise run around the island. One of the many perks of living on an island is you get killer sunrises and sunsets, one must take advantage of it along with the lobster. The only thing that sorta kills the early morning ambition buzz is the whole “no power situation” when your laptop dies an hour into a session.

Not much to report except I’ve booked a flight to Fort Lauderdale in 2 weeks. Everyone hates on Spirit Airlines and yeah their planes aren’t the newest and yes, they will charge you for water but… I just booked a one way flight from Managua to Fort Lauderdale for $175us all taxes in with packed bags, decent?

Currently thinking of where to spend the month of March – Colombia sounds cool, yes?

Stay tuned for an  egregious announcement tomorrow involving Africa…

Tips hat,

P.S: That solar panel I mentioned holds a charge…

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning on a Caribbean Island

  1. Really enjoying all your posts from Little Corn. My husband and I will be spending 10 days there this summer and reading this blog is making us antsy to go.

  2. Love your blog. My bf and I will be in little corn this friday and saturday (just tweeted you about it, actually.) We’ve tried emailing/calling elsa’s and carlitos and haven not heard back from anyone. Do you think we will be able to get a casita if we just show up? Or should we book at one of the more expensive spots that wrote us back and have availablity (little corn b and b)? Your advice would be helpful, thank you! ps. if you’re still there this weekend, would love to meet up for a beer and hear about your travels.

    1. Hi Kelsey,

      Don’t see the tweet? That said, just show up. There is lots of difference places. You’ll get in somewhere. Just go with the guys at the dock, anywhere is good first night and then sort yourself. You don’t need to book something pricier. Let’s meet up for sure. Let me know when you two are on the island.

      Safe travels!

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