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Good day,

I arrived in Manhattan last night and it seems like everything In need is around the corner? I’m in the heart of mid-town supposedly and to say I love it here is an understatement but how could I not? I had all these errands to run for friends on the island and they are basically all done; just like that. Now I’ve got a few days to enjoy the city and rest up before the launch event on Thursday.

The internet connection here is mind blowing, it’s 13.42mps up and down! I uploaded a video to which was ~500mb and it took less than two minutes, two minutes?! I already asked about rent and that’s quite sobering to say the least, ha. That said, looks like a hotel could be even cheaper than renting a pad. Something great about living on a small island which is quite affordable is that for other months of the year you can entertain living places like this.

I think spending July in Manhattan would be a good time, yes?

This place has a pulse to it which you really need to feel for yourself so I won’t even attempt to do so with words. People have mentioned New York City for so long and it was always just a name to me, that’s all changed and I’ve been here ~12 hours. I’m a motivated man here to say the least and I guess you need to be when in one of the highest rent districts in the world?! Beyond that though it’s one of those hubs where people come from far and wide to make something of themselves and that’s contagious my friends.

I woke up really early today and I’ve been getting down to work. It’s 7:57am at the time that I write this and I’ve already written a blog post for another site I contribute to, done a lot of emails, finished a video, gone to the gym and had a delicious smoothie packed with protein powder across the street. What I loved was that I casually glanced to the left and saw the Empire State Building in all its glory. It’s not even 8am yet?! Oh what you can do in a day when you’re motivated and living in Manhattan.

So for today I’ve got some plans but nothing concrete. I want to stock up on some digital goods and buy a new Canon camera to really step up my game. My iPhone is great and I will continue using it for most things but for other things, particularly video blogs it’s time to step it up a bit. I’m starting to digress, yes?

Anyways, the plan is to stroll the streets looking for delicious things to eat, visit Frick House as it sounds perfect for a gent like me and then go to B&H to do the electronics shopping that I just mentioned. I’d also like to see Central Park but I’m positive I’ll be back here sooner than later so there is really no rush. Also worth noting is that the weather is great and in some kind of winter heatwave of sorts, I went outside today to get the smoothie in my shorts and it’s like mid-fall in Ottawa, ha.

I’ve said enough but do come to NYC, you need to feel what I’m feeling now at some point in your life. In closing, another quick reminder, join myself and others on at 2pm est this Wednesday to talk about discovering the countryside when you visit Great Britain; you can follow along on the hashtag #unexpectedGB.

Tips hat,

P.S: Only been here for an evening and haven’t done seen much so photo is from the lobby, ha.

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17 thoughts on “Manhattan is Most Amazing

  1. I went to New York City one long weekend with my brother and sister. It was a great road trip memory. Yes, I agree with you that Manhattan is one of those places you really can’t describe accurately in words. It has an energy that must be felt and experienced in person. Glad you are enjoying yourself though. Looking forward to more posts about your time there.

    1. Absolutely need to visit to have an idea of what it’s like. I always heard people here weren’t that friendly but I’ve encountered quite the opposite so far; very cool place.

  2. July here is quiet as many of the locals head out to the beaches of Long Island and New Jersey on the weekends. I quite like it then but the heat and humidity can be oppressive.

    Rents are much more reasonable on the Upper East Side (2nd Ave on East) if you are willing to go a bit out of the way. The park is a quick walk away however…

    1. Ahhh my hometown!!! I’d say mid-June is the best time. As mentioned, July/Aug is summer vacay time. In May people are getting into gear for summer (Memorial Day, May 31 always kicks it off) and by the time June rolls around, there are so many things happening!

  3. There is nowhere on earth like New York City, man. I love that place with my entire being. July would be an excellent time to be there, if you’re loving it now then summer will blow your mind!

  4. I’d love to show you the ultimate roof top with 360 views of Manhattan and talk about travel blogging and photography. I am new to the industry, and your blog is one I love to follow. Check out my latest Facebook post via my page Happy Places Happy Faces to get a preview and let me know if you’d like to have a beer and catch an awesome sight of the Freedom Tower and all of NYC!

    1. That sounds amazing and I wish had seen this sooner! I’m leaving Friday morning and most likely have obligations tomorrow night and an event on Thursday. We’re going to have to take a rain check on this but sending you a message now via email.

      If you ever have any questions about blogging just mail me and looking forward to taking you up on that offer at some point in the future!

  5. Shake Shack and Sleep No More are my only two suggestions. Oh, and visit Grand Central at night, say after 9pm. On a weekday.

  6. Oh yes, July is the time Rob. Nothing like NYC in the summer!

    I lived in NJ for 36 years so have tripped into Manhattan like 1,001 times 😉 We loved it. We did a house sit on the East Side in early December. Only a week but it brought me back down memory lane as we’ve traveled the world for the past 46 months and hadn’t been to the City in many years. Convenience everywhere!


    1. I like what you said about convenient… I’ve never been anywhere where anything and everything you could ever want is conveniently available and easy to purchase; what a place!

  7. Manhattan sure does have a way of energizing you and making you uber-productive…almost sometimes so much that it’s painful. Or maybe it’s just all of the coffee.

    We’ve lived here for five years now…and while yes, the rent is ridiculous, there really is SO much to do and see every day that being bored is just a concept that doesn’t exist anymore! I think we’ve found the key to your blog, Sportestery! Tell your readers! 😀

    1. Believe it or not it was my first time but I see what all the hype is about, what a city. Would be hard setting for any other apple after getting a taste of the big apple…

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