Mango Walk Disco, Iberostar Resorts, Jamaica

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We all know that the key elements to a successful space launch aka a great night club are plenty of jet fuel and good people. The Mango Walk Discotheque in Iberostar Resorts has just that. Places with cheap drinks tend to get interesting and we all know that a random door charge keeps the randoms out…

Imagine a place where everyone is a guest of a class establishment and the bar is open from whatever o’clock until the club doors close? As you can imagine, it has the propensity for some egregiousness of the first degree. Furthermore, their after-hours diner has some hidden gems. Personal recommendation is two fried chicken breasts with equally fried onion and cheese on a baguette of sorts.

P.S: My shuttle to the airport is in 8 hours at 12:30, time to retire.

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