Loving Krakow, Poland; Again!

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I’m writing this from an apartment rental in the center of old town, Krakow. What a city it is and besides having the largest main square in Europe; it’s also one of if not the best preserved old city in all of the continent… The memories I’ve been having as I stroll the streets have been hitting me like tsunami and I’ve even been looking into my old haunts and sadly, some of them are closed. I guess things change everywhere and nothing stays the same; that said it has been 4 years so what did I expect?


I’ve been laying low and enjoying the scene without getting thoroughly involved. Supposedly years ago it was a big bachelor party / stag-do location but not so much anymore. Lots of pubs / bars and locales boycotted any large group of the sort and as a result people are going back to Prague and other spots. I’m a big fan of these actions as Krakow is a special place and the Polish people who live here are incredibly friendly; nobody deserves that kind of scene occurring in their streets.


I’ve found all sorts of interesting places and I want to share with you a spot you should visit when you come. It’s the Music Academy’s cafeteria of all places. It’s on the top floor and it offers a great view of old town; in fact one of the best views I’ve seen. The food is good but the price is great and the views, priceless. If nothing else, stroll in and have a cup of coffee or tea while enjoying the sun and stunning view of a special place on this planet.


Also, there is a spot called U Jozina which arguably has the best deal on beverages that you’ll find. The cost is only 1 euro for a pint of beer or a shot of whiskey; hard to beat? It’s also got a real cross section of patrons from university kids to older business men who still value the almighty dollar. The beer might be a little flat but at a euro for a pint; who cares? It’s a great spot to get your game going before hitting the dance floor in one of the countless clubs.


Last time I went here, it was caution to the wind but we’re always changing and evolving, yes? This time, it’s been quite laid back and I’d rather enjoy a fine glass of wine or so on some patio after a delicious dinner then dance deep into the night. I’m here until Monday but would like to stay longer. I was going to extend my stay until the 30th but getting back became an issue and I’m jumping on a plane from Berlin to South Africa on the first of May; much more on that later.


I’d go on and wish I could share more images but I’m awfully busy enjoying world-class company in a truly unique city. I will note that renting apartments is the future. My friend and I are splitting this apartment which is a one bedroom with bathroom and kitchen for 40E a night; that’s 20E each… To say we’re in the city center is an understatement as I could probably throw a baseball from the roof into the main square; all those years playing right field aka the twilight zone have paid off I guess.


If you’re coming to Europe; don’t miss Krakow. This is my second time here and it won’t be my last. Also, do hit up some local dishes such as pierogies; they are top shelf. I’m not a pierogi guy in the slightest but did thoroughly enjoy those I sampled the other night. Also, there is a spot called “Green Day” which should not be confused with the band which sells amazing vegetarian food. I can get a soup, salad and freshly squeezed fruit juice for less than the price of a juice in Berlin…


In closing, Krakow has something for everyone. I know my parents would love it here, young families would also enjoy it and naturally, gregarious gents like myself love it. Krakow, it’s the city most people don’t visit on their trip through Europe but should…


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