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Greetings old, new and soon to be friends,

Typing with a busted and bandaged finger really sucks but I used to show up to work on my death bed and if I’m just chilling listening to good beats and can still type as fast as a whoever does the minutes of a court case, it’s not the end of the world. If you’re in Europe, you should come visit. I’ve basically just been living in Krakow Poland and by that I mean trading stocks, hanging out, not doing any tourist stuff just chilling and living.

beautiful krakow poland

town square tower in krakow poland

I’m not feeling bloggy and this finger is really messing u0 my game, ok I am not goign to fix anything, errors are errors and this is NOT some newspaper so if I hit the wrong keys, who cares. Now, last night was fun. I was just trading stocks and chilling when well a party started and well I wasn[;pt stinking up the place so I joined, glad I did.

feeding pigeons krakow poland

town square krakow poland

There is a klub that will remain nameless and has such a sick layout and during the day has some very interesting people, at night the music well sucks. I mean it is so slow that it is for people who if they were riding a bike need training wheels. I'[ve never used training wheels and nevver will. When you[‘re on a roll and went for a stroll to a bar, you want up beat move yo body type music, am I wrong”? It makes me sad as I love the name and the club but the music man…


torture museum krakow poland

Later we hit up this place, no clue what the name is and everyone basically scattered excep0t myself and for the sake of this blog we’ll cal the 2 Vikings. It had a weird vibe and I saw these 2 dudes grinding and was like, wtf is this a gay bar” Turns out it was like 5 years ago but still the sickest venue with some of the sickest music and obviously there were tones of women, ones that like dancing with gentlemen. Also open until well I don’t think it closes!?

nightlife party krakow poland

sunset krakow poland

Writing this update feels like waiting in traffic, uncomfortable and stressful. As a result, I’m done. Just come visit Krakow Poland if you are in the area, you won’t regret it and there are plenty of Krakow tours available if that’s your style. Tonight my lady friend from the wedding is coming to visit me and well have some fun. After that I'[m going to Prague then Berlin. I think the best way to 0play it is to go have a nice dinner tonight and slee0p wherever and rent an a0partment for Saturday.

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sleeping park bench krakow poland

I dunno, we’ll see how it plays out. She’s full of surprises and doesnt make plans either, hence we get along. I do know a nice dinner is in order, as a backpacker the ONLY time you go to a restaurant let alone a nice one is when you have great/special company, or at least that is how I roll.

great bar krakow poland

city walking tour krakow poland

The sun is shining, it’s a beautiful day. After this I will throw on my board shorts and hit up that fire hose in town square, yes, that is a brilliant idea. I will say this, I can’t stand hearing people com0plain about the weather, just take it ok? It really annoys me, you complain about the cold, you complain about the heat… Complaining is a very easy to catch mental cancer, don’t do it and please, don’t spread it. Notice a complainer, only people who chill with them are others waiting for the turn, SNORE!

stone lion krakow poland

town square fire hose krakow poland

This update feels awkward like ~use your imagination~

sweet porsche krakow poland

Oh yeah, think for yourself and speak your mind.

drinking giant beer

To my traveling and drifting friends in Europe, the EURO is NOT worth $1.30US, men with deep pockets will short this thing to where it belongs, if you don’t need to hit up the atm, hold off or just chill in the block until the “rally because we’re screwed from what we thought were the lows” is over. I could be wrong, but that is how I’m playing it based the thoughts of gentlemen I know with more knowledge than myself.

fountain in pond in krakow poland

Flick of the Red Socks ball cap,

P.S: This city is really old and beautiful, you can feel the history, don’t need to go to museums.

park in Krakow poland

P.P.S: The stock market is the new “battlefield”, get your bows out and align yourself with the guys “making it rain” nuclear styles.

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  1. I must confess am impressed by what i have seen…i am from nigeria and i have plans of coming to poland to study at the same time be able to pursue a career in football,please i would really appreciate your advice on this…


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