Living in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula

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It’s been a bit quiet around here, yes? Well the simple answer is that I haven’t been so much traveling as living in Costa Rica for the last month. I’ve been living in Puerto Jimenez on the stunning Osa Peninusla which is in the south western part of the country, right near the border with Panama. This place is a trip in itself and for example, just this morning I saw a whole crew of howler monkeys. I was running at the break of dawn and this crew was crossing the road in front of me, must have been at least a dozen of them, this doesn’t happen everyday…

I like to think of this as the “next phase in the story of Sportestery”. This isn’t some backpacker blog where I write about how to save cash by cooking tins of beans on barrels of flaming garbage in France, no sir. When I left my home originally it wasn’t to just be some dude who went around visiting places and taking photos, wearing burlap and sleeping with the dogs, not at all. The goal was to live a global life and if that is what you desire, you must see a lot of the globe first, if now how will you know where you want to be?

In case you aren’t familiar, the Osa Peninsula is basically one big national park with incredible biodiversity. It’s also an old boom town from logging and gold mines back in the 1960’s or so. Today it’s a pretty slow and sleepy town, especially during dead season. In order to really get out there, you can go into the national park which isn’t too far. Supposedly a town called Carate exists way, way, way out there on the tip of the peninsula and I’d like to visit.

I’d go on but I have a huge workload ahead of me.

Finally, living and working in the developing world is great motivation for the entrepreneur. You walk around and realize you’re NOT on vacation that this is your life and you can stay as long as your visa permits, that is freedom my friends. You’ll also see lots of people working very hard for very little which makes you realize how much opportunity you have and what a shame it is to not seize it…

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P.S: Photo is a purple sky sunset from the third floor balcony.

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8 thoughts on “Living in Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula

  1. Yeah buddy. I’ll be in CR in 6 days and down into the OSA a month after that, with part of the family in tow this time. Good times. Maybe we’ll see you around!

  2. Thank you, Rob, for your travwl blog. I am interested in coming to CR Nov or Dec.
    Dont know for how long I’ll be staying, 1 month or 2. Being a healthy 65 yr old, I want to volunteer there.
    Any ideas? And pensionnes, hostels or homestays you could recommend?
    Thank you, loved your blog. Intend to travel at least 6 to 7 months at least.

    1. I’d come in December and haven’t really stayed at any places here, just friends houses. Just come and roll with it, enjoy!!

  3. Yet perhaps, scrapping with dogs and donning full burlap is a rite of passage on the path to digital nomadicy. One has slept in Euroshubbery and beaten back dogs with discarded beer bottles, no?

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