Kayaking Around the City Walls of Dubrovnik

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Today we’re going to talk about kayaking around the city walls of Dubrovnik, Croatia. If you spend some time in Dubrovnik, you’ll most certainly cross someone on the street offering to take you, seems like it’s quite a popular activity and after taking a trip, I can see why. Lots of tours will take you to Lokrum Island which isn’t that far away but due to time constraints we simply kayaked around the city walls and it was solid times.


Kayaking is a great way to get out on the water, avoid the craziness of Dubrovnik during the day and get a whole new perspective of just how majestic this fortified city really is. Also, when you see how it’s built on cliffs and whatnot you get a better understanding or why this location was chosen and a slight idea of how creative the original designers of Dubrovnik really were. That aside, it’s just a nice way to spend a day hanging out with friends or family surrounded by scenery you won’t soon forget.

I could go on but this video really gives you an idea of what it was all about.

FYI – I was invited to Croatia as part of a campaign that was created and sponsored by Croatian National Tourist Board in partnership with iambassador. That said, obviously all thoughts are my own as they always have been and always will be.

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8 thoughts on “Kayaking Around the City Walls of Dubrovnik

    1. The water is some of the clearest I’ve seen anywhere and lots of cliffs. We passed Buza Bar which is famous as a spot to hang out and do some cliff jumping during the day.

  1. Rob, looks awesome.

    Did you shoot that with a GoPro or? Looks really nice.

    I gotta jump in a kayak again. The last time I did over at Green Island only lasted a good 15 minutes. There was a huge storm that just came out of nowhere and we drifted like 2 kilometers from the shore without even noticing! The water started getting all crazy and we had to fight our way back over, lol. Damn wind and currents!

    Hope you’re well mate,


    1. I shot it with an Nokia Lumia 1020; really good video and easy to carry.

      Don’t let that put you off, good sir. I do suggest you try it again but pay better attention to the weather as things can get out of hand in a hurry when dealing with the sea.

  2. Key Rob, it’s a nice post you have shared with us. The Stone walls of the castle was making me feel like a people of middle historic period. 🙂

    1. It’s a cool experience, I think so many people walk the city walls but few get to really see the city walls. Especially from the sea where attackers would have most likely been coming in from.

  3. I have been reading a lot about Croatia these days. Dubrovnik is quite a busy city, isn’t it? Kayaking experience must be excellent as the views are so scenic.

    1. It’s busy inside the old city walls during the summer, especially when the cruise ships are docked. Best to visit later in the day or really early and do something like kayak during the middle.

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