Iberostar Grand Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Just arrived at the Iberostar Grand Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica and the sun is shining and I’m dying to get involved. This place is class and I even have my own butler, the gentleman named Wheeler who is dressed to the 9’s. The next few days will be hectic so taking this time to do things like hang out by the pool and have a drink at the swim up bar.

This place is awesome, felt a video was most appropriate.


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4 thoughts on “Iberostar Grand Hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica

  1. Awesome! You’re on the road again! Big news here … after 5 years of being nowhere bound, I am heading to Honduras for a couple of years. Not freewheeling it like you, but the company I’m going to is awseome, the people are fabulous and hey! It’s a new culture and language to learn!

    It surely won’t be boring! 🙂

    Safe travels to you.

    1. @Fran Love it Fran, that should be quite the adventure and inexplicably cooler than Washington. I’m in Nicaragua in about 10 days or so, maybe we’ll cross paths!? Enjoy the move / transition / unknown aka the adventure and great to hear from you. Thought of you last time I was in Washington Dulles, didn’t see you in the window though.

  2. I’m ridiculously jealous right now. Although, you and I are headed off to Nicaragua next week so it’s all good! Enjoy your trip, hotel looks sweet and so doesn’t that damn view!

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