Hiding out in Huntington Beach, Orange County

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Hello from Huntington Beach,

Been busy doing nothing of much importance in the grander scheme of life besides just kicking back and enjoying it. Getting pricked by the cactus and watching other plants grow while smelling the delicious flowers type thing. Huntington Beach in Orange County is one of those places that in the first 8 hours of hanging out you start asking what rents are like…

To say I’ve been doing the tourist delocal would be false. Did make a mission to Huntington Beach Pier and march along the boardwalk for countless sand castles but besides that, just relaxing. It is one of those places that feels as though the majority of the residences are here because they want to live here opposed to having to live there, the case for countless if not the vast majority of places on this planet.

The sun shines everyday (that I’ve been here) even when you think it won’t. A lady I was with was hoping the sun wouldn’t shine because she was in the mood for a do nothing laze in bed type day. Sure enough from even the weakest open in the morning the sun managed to power through. The streets are lined with palm trees and people are surfing year round off the pier. On Halloween these kids built a haunted maze which was more like a haunted fort and it was in fact not only haunted but down right creepy. These children of the corn were either great actors or only truly able to be themselves once a year.

Apart from that, lots of recharging where you expend little energy and consume lots. Included trip to Big Belly Deli which is a deli that fills your belly and is tasty with a crazy lady (best way possible) behind the cash. Also hit up TK Burger and it’s an old surf shop right on the Pacific Coast Highway near main street. It was good but did introduce me to a game changer for many with their lettuce bun technique, next level. If I were to recommend one of them, it’s Big Belly Deli in Newport.

Also took a trip to Newport Beach along the Mariner’s Mile and Corona del Mar. Newport Beach is next over from Huntington Beach and a pretty busy place. The lady I was with grew up around this area and said that when she was young, this whole area was sleepy laid back small surfer town and lots of marshes. Now its morphed into what it is today. It’s hard to remember we’re still in North America. California is sorta the best of all worlds in countless ways and has a different feel than the rest of the USA. Considering California is supposedly the 8th largest economy on the planet, makes sense it has its own feel. Oh yeah, everyone seems to have had their car “pimped out” by Xzibit.

Enough writing, enjoying this place too much and it will be over in a blink.

Tips hat,

P.S: It’s entering winter here, can only imagine the summer…

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10 thoughts on “Hiding out in Huntington Beach, Orange County

  1. Your photos look cool. Its important to have relaxing stays in places like this to avoid burnout. We have recently been spending a few days in Taupo which has the same sort of vibe as Huntington!

  2. Rob, you seriously stole my photos and post idea! HA! I was in Huntington for a week and a half in early October. I put together one post for it but took a whole bunch of photos to do a photo essay on Huntington Beach. You beat me to it! 🙂

    When I get this posted, you are going to see many of the same photos! 🙂

  3. You should check Laguna Beach (or maybe you already have?). Although overly hyped by MTV it has still been able to maintain a more laid back vibe than Newport or CDM, in my opinion. The Saloon and The Dirty Bird (Sandpiper) are the bars I usually find myself in when I’m there. Also you should try the infamous “Lapu” drink at the Royal Hawaiian. If not this time, then next.

    1. Thanks for insights, friends also mentioned Laguna but never made it. Who knows what the future holds but hope I get to come back, really loved it here!

    2. When I went to LA in September, I met a guy from Laguna on the plane from Brussels to JFK. We chatted the whole time and the enxt day his son showed us around Laguna for an entire day. It was the best way to be welcomed into the States!

      But I do say the pictures of Huntington Beach look very appealing as well. Maybe I can go there next time I visit California…

  4. Thanks for the great pics! It takes an outsider somtimes to make you remember how amazing home can be. Safe travels my friend.

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