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Good day,

Taking a helicopter tour of Cape Town, South Africa the other day was probably one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and it came as a complete surprise! After visiting Robben Island, it was time for sushi at Willoughby & Co. aka “Fine Purveyors of Sea Food” and we basically went to town, ordering everything that lived in the sea and more. If you follow this blog, you know that I’m a huge fan of seafood and at one point remember saying “I think this is the best day of my life”, that was before the helicopter tour of Cape Town…

After lunch we headed to the van for a “surprise” and about 2 minutes later we were there. Someone said “We’re going on a helicopter ride”  and I thought they were crazy, then I realized that yes, we really were going on helicopter tour… Madness broke out and the entire #VisitSouthAfrica crew of bloggers reverted back to their 7 year old selves the moment they ran downstairs on Christmas and saw what Santa had brought.  Things like helicopter tours typically don’t happen, let alone as an afternoon surprise…

We went on the tour with  and it lasted roughly 20 minutes. It’s basically a compressed yet extended tour similar to the one we took the other day in the post “Day Tour of Cape Town”, only this one was from 2000 feet. The tour gives you an idea of where to stay in Cape Town as you see all the neighborhoods from above.

It was Teri aka Travelista’s birthday and she’s the only lady so naturally we let her grab the front seat. Nate and Ryan had good camera equipment and grabbed the land side while myself and my man from Escape to the Cape took ocean side. I saw Ryan’s footage today and it is amazing. Will be buying a GoPro in the not too distant future, I digress…

This footage is a bit choppy as I’m leaning over Ryan to capture it and filmed with an iPhone 4. That said, it gives you an idea of the tour and a teaser of what you’ll see should you opt for such an activity. The tour seems to be quite popular as when we were landing, other groups were going up while others were getting briefed. The views were some of the most spectacular I’ve seen in my life and travels through 43 countries. The images will forever be burnt into my psyche and if you can swing it while in Cape Town, highly recommended.

Afterward we headed to the Grand Africa which boasts the slogan “Where grand-chic meets retro romance…” and it’s pretty accurate. The place is situated ocean-side and had a very lively vibe to it with a whole array of interesting and classy people from around the world. Considering we had not eaten enough seafood at lunch, myself and Dave decided to get their famous” mixed seafood platter for two” which could also read “mixed seafood platter for 20”. It was delicious and everything was eaten except a few morsels of fish that simply couldn’t find a spot in the seafood parking lots that were our stomachs.

Call it intuition but that day really may have been the best day of my life, if not definitely one of the most memorable…

Tips hat,

P.S: Who would of thought taking a chance to follow my dreams in 2009 would lead me here!? You’ll never know unless you go…

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14 thoughts on “Helicopter Tour of Cape Town, South Africa VLOG

  1. I absolutely love Cape Town. Chapmans Peak, Hout Bay and Boulders Beach are some of my favourite places to go when in need of down time – it’s all so breathtakingly beautiful and tranquil

    1. When it comes to natural beauty, it is definitely hard to beat. Have a feeling this is just the beginning of an ongoing relationship with the mother city.

  2. I must say I am officially jealous right now! What an awesome surprise and seeing the city and all the natural beauty surrounding it from way above must have been amazing!

    Know you love seafood, and I’m a huge fan and a foodie myself. Where have you experienced the best bang for your buck? Would you say this was it?

    1. It was a truly unique experience, one of the coolest things I’ve ever done to be honest.

      That platter was delicious but purchased at the Grand Africa so definitely not “best bang for the buck”. I’d have to say that takes place on Little Corn Island. A pound of fresh lobster tail for $4.40US simply can’t be beat.

      Thanks for stopping by Kim!

  3. What an amazing trip! You just bumped South Africa up to #1 on my list of places to go. Looks like you’re enjoying the adventure to the fullest!

  4. WOW.. yeah that was an awesome surprise. Thank them on our behalf for being able to share the great video and pics from above. I was able to escape my dreaded cube for a few minutes and transport myself to South Africa and enjoy the flight. From reading your South Africa experience in the last week or so it sounds like the hospitality you guys received was top notch.

    1. It was next level, when I said the whole crew was like 7 year old children on Xmas, wasn’t exaggerating. Glad you enjoyed it, I’m going to look into doing something like that again in another city. That said, Cape Town is so incredibly beautiful that it was the perfect place. Glad it gave you a bit of escapism, now make plans to get out there first hand! Thanks for dropping by, senor.

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