Happy Thanksgiving from Ella, Sri Lanka

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Happy Thanksgiving from the beautiful town of Ella, Sri Lanka.

Won’t bore you with the trip but it was long and cheap from the beach to the “Hill Country” as it is called. The food here is delicious and the town is friendly but cool so some warmer clothes would be recommended. There are but… Tomorrow I’m heading to Mirissa, which is a beach in the south, supposedly very beautiful. Not a lot to do here besides some hiking and what not. Also a great place to just “beat the heat” and relax overlooking breath taking views while breathing in very clean and refreshing air.

This was meant to be a stop on the way to “Old Britain” or something of that nature which hosts golf courses and the like. Planned on playing 18 followed by a lamb chop and mint sauce for Thanksgiving. Met some travelers coming from that direction and they said it’s a swimming pool, oh well. Supposedly it’s quite classy and where countless colonialists used to hang out “back in the day”. Did you know Sir Lipton has plantations here? He had a grocery chain of over 300 stores back in late 1800’s…

Perfect distribution for the tea you now see everywhere in this world. Basically being the industrious gent tha the most certainly was, he cut out the middle man and went straight to the source, obviously it paid off huge. Lot’s of people make a living picking tea leaves, it’s tough labor so most certainly gave the ladies in the photographs some cash, money well spent.

All these photos are from the trip from Arugam Bay to Ella. Would have updated sooner but my horrible purchase of a computer from Bangkok is acting up and can’t get the wireless working. Granted I did uninstall an adapter but let us not get into that, happy thoughts, happy thanksgiving!

Looking forward to Africa, met a gent here who has been traveling for 7 years, cool guy. He said TAKE THE PILLS, he got cerebral and said he has many complications such as the glasses he now needs, lost 25% of his vision. Didn’t realize he caught it and as a result got typhoid and several others. Tanzania does NOT have the nasty cerebral but why risk it?

I’d go on but a delicious curry awaits to be eaten. Then I will aggressively eat whatever is left on the plate of the lady I am traveling with. After that, who knows, who cares? Hopefully sleep is in there somewhere as the bus leaves at a ghastly hour of say 6-7:30am.

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P.S: If you’re young and have avoided the muderhole called “debt”, this type of lifestyle is achievable, more on that later. You can also do this when you’re old but it will most certainly be a different trip and have to sacrifice more. I implore you ignore the saying “either or”, think BOTH. Have your cake and eat it too, then eat your neighbors.

P.P.S: It’s Thanksgiving, be thankful, for everything.

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  1. I was most fortunate to live in Ceylon when it became Sri Lanka I believe in May, 1972. Did a lot of traveling all over the island and stayed overnight in Ella. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. Your wonderful pictures have brought back a lot of good memories of a beautiful place and friendly people! Thank you!

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