Good Morning Costa Rica!!

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Good day,

Take a look at that shot, this is what makes being sweaty and sitting on soiled airplane seats all worth it. Nothing quite like showing up somewhere in the dark only to be awoken by an alarm 6 hours later and waking up to that. It’s been a while since I’ve been in C. America or the tropics for that matter and all I can say is that it’s worth the trip. Everyone should wake up to something like this at some point in their lives.

For some background, read “Comedy of Errors Getting to Costa Rica from Canada”

Remember we’re rainy season so if you came in the winter, the sky would be blue.

Good morning Costa Rica!

Tips hat,

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15 thoughts on “Good Morning Costa Rica!!

  1. Rob where are you in Costa Rica? I miss it there! Did you also wake up to howler monkeys? Watch out those little guys will throw “stuff” at you! Can’t wait to keep reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I’m writing this from Pacuare Lodge and it’s splendid. The photo was from The Ramada outside San Jose. Got in late and woke up to that, not bad. Where I’m at now is arguably one of the nicest most remote places I’ve ever been, look into it!

    1. So far so good, I’m at an eco lodge right now that is blowing my mind with some of the best service I’ve had anywhere in the world, update to come!

  2. Heck of a way to hit the road again … I agree that even budget travelers should splurge for a little luxury from time to time. After all, the cheapest place to do just that is in the developing world!

  3. I miss Costa Rica so much! One of the most beautiful place on earth! If you have the chance – and find a great guide – go and watch an Arenal eruption during the night! Magical! And please, take your time while looking at a sloth in the jungle… it’s worth it! Ah… the Poas volcano, the coffee, monkeys, the flowers, especially the orchids, wish I was there! Loved, loved it and i’m sure you’ll have a great time! Will you try the tree top rides in the canopy? Scary but fun!

    1. Hey!

      I will be doing a zip-line canopy tour of sorts in the coming days, have heard great things. Also I’m at the Pacuare Lodge right now in the middle of the rainforest, will ask some of the gents here if there is a resident sloth near by. Let’s be real, if there is one around, I should be able to find it as it doesn’t really move that fast.

      Thanks for stopping by and the suggestions.

      PURA VIDA!

  4. Beautiful! We have a site in Costa Rica and I haven’t made a play to get a trip there, but after seeing this shot, perhaps I should? Looking forward to hearing about the lodge and your time there.


  5. Excellent picture, I must say it is excellent pic that is tempting and make everyone curious about Costa Rica. I would say if you can click picture like this at Ramada then it is called Luxury vacation for less. Great picture.

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