Getting to Know Constanta, Romania

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Spent the day getting to know more about Constanta, Romania. It’s actually a pretty cool place, the old town is very old and very decrepit, a shame they are not doing anything to maintain it. It’s “gone to the cats” so to speak…

Going to stay here a few days, minimum. Living in Romania has pros and cons but where I’m staying is very laid back. Also super chilled and very quiet and frankly, I’m kinda burnt out. Last month and a half has been hectic and visiting with an old childhood friend obviously included much “Tom Foolery”. Let me tell you about today…

Walked around with my friend from New Zealand, checked out the beach. It was cloudy and 11AM on a Tuesday so quite dead but still some people hanging out and “living their lives” so to speak. The beach is nothing special but it’s a beach on the Black Sea. On a hot summer’s day, could see it being quite nice. Won’t make any top lists but will do the job.

Later ventured into the “old town”, sadly most of it is falling apart. The biggest crime against humanity is the old casino that is just deteriorating, it’s such a cool building. Would make an amazing museum, night club, anything really.

Went back to the Irish Pub for dinner, here’s the deal. The meals are not worth it compared to what you can get anywhere else, it is however a great place to have a drink and hang out. It’s always packed and people dress to impress, most certainly worth checking out, most certainly…

Went looking for some night life tonight, the core was filled with trendy spots where people were hanging out and chilling, not a lot going on, granted it is a Tuesday, curious to see this place on a weekend.

As stated, quite tired so between the walk and dinner, spent the time in bed doing much of nothing. Just got in now at about midnight from dinner and a solid walkabout. Quite like it here, so far Romania is 100% not what I expected. There are buildings like the one below near the center of town but also lots of prosperity, it’s most certainly a rapidly developing region.

There are gypsies, quite easy to spot and up to random this and that. An example is young kids grabbing the mayo and ketchup bottles from outside restaurants, you see them drinking them then coming back empty. Quite sure they fill a zip lock with it and do whatever with it.

My 21st month anniversary is on the 16th, will lay low until then minimum. I grabbed a room to myself at a stellar deal from an English gent who just opened something here. He’s also top notch and one of the more hospital hosts I’ve had on my trip around the world, why leave!?

Glad to see the market bounce back today with a sigh of “it’s not over yet”. A few small rallies are nothing but today was a melt up, let’s hope it continues so I can liquidate some stuff. Would like to add but let us get real, if Greece DOES default, it’s a domino effect. Treading lightly is most advised unless you were long since the beginning of this run.

I digress.

Time to sleep and continue recharging my platinum batteries. Even if you have enough energy to put an entire accounting department through spring break…. You get tired, not a “wow, I took a night bus tired” more of a wow, I’m drained to the core. When that happens, you should hope you’re somewhere cool and peaceful, I am, time to see what this part of Romania is all about. As stated earlier, quite liking it so far, more on that later.

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