Fishing With New Friends in Ucluelet, British Columbia

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Before we begin, did you read my last update about the road trip to Ucluelet? Did you read the last line of parting advice in it, you should do that now. Alright, now that we’re all caught up let us discuss the important matter of fishing with new friends, shall we?

People always ask me how I meet so many people when I travel like I have some secret crystal ball or a fist full of fiat currency where I “make it rain” on sunny days from the tropics to Timbuktu. The reality of the matter is everything in life starts with a “hello, tip of the hat or a smile”. It helps when you’re gregarious by nature but you don’t have to be. People who share the same interest as you are at least fractionally similar to you and probably want to chill.

While driving for dinner yesterday, I saw this gent walking near the coast with a fishing rod. The driving was slow so I rolled my window down and shouted “did you catch anything”? To which he quipped no, I’m on my way and the conversation continued. Not long after that I had parked the car and I’m scaling rocks towards this little known fishing spot and naturally, we caught nothing.

We fished for about an hour before it started to rain and I offered to drop my new friend off. I arrive back home and realize he had forgotten his fishing rod in my trunk so I returned it. Seeing the sights is great but you can also see them on flickr, go see the sights and “smell the roses” but don’t forget to start conversations that interest you along the way, it’s the spontaneous things that make traveling the world or through life a real trip.

If you ever take a travel tip from this site, it’s start developing a gregarious demeanor.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more  visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Fishing With New Friends in Ucluelet, British Columbia

  1. Rob,
    where are the photos of you hugging trees, wrestling bears and catching pacific salmon? These are the photos i want to see from a wild west coast adventure. Canada day in Tofino should be awesome. Keep that rod tip up and play safe.

    1. Hey Munbro,

      We haven’t gone fishing yet but I hear ya, I have a vlog from today that I’m putting up tomorrow morning which should be more in line. Your comment was that of a visionary, noted.

      Tips hat,

  2. Okay… I just cracked up laughing… Right in the middle of explaining your stopping to go fishing with a new friend, you placed a picture of a buck crossing the road. The caption below it says, while going for dinner you saw a gent walking with his fishing rod. I looked at the pic again and thought, he doesn’t have a fishing rod! lol Seriously though… totally jealous. I love all the water!

    1. Glad you’re liking the tour, things keep getting more egregious the further north we go on the island.

      Hehe, I just read it again and you are right, it does look like I am talking about the deer.

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