Fish & Lobster for Lunch on Little Corn Island

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In the past my updates have been less frequent while hanging out on the little island called Little Corn. The truth is, whenever I’m on that island most of my day to day chores, concerns and obsessions simply vanish into thin air. As a result my usual impulsive drive to update or build or hunt / gather subsides. To rectify this, I’ll be making twice a week “business trips” to Big Corn Island to break the routine and get some work done.

I’ve been eating lobster like it’s going out of style which, well, it is. Soon if not already it’s the end of the season. A time of year where fishermen bring in their traps and let those little guys reproduce and get on with their lives before the next years harvest. It’s also a time where people start eating more fish and those with a little foresight fill freezers full to last through the drought.

I’ve got a good supply of lobster and will surely make it through the season. I’ve been trying all sorts of different styles and loved everyone of them. I’ve even done lobster tacos for breakfast which was out of this world, I might add. The photo above is of a big old yellowtail jack that my friend Lucilla cooked up for lunch the other day; it was enjoyed by myself and a small army of other interesting indviduals.

Something I love about Little Corn is that it just doesn’t matter what day of the week or time of the day it is. I can hit the streets at 6am and there is a pulse on the path, just like there is at any other time of day or night; simply the faces and intentions change. I’m digressing but my point is that it is always a good time to have a big old BBQ where you make way more than you could  ever consume and share with those you care for.

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