Epic Tofino Surfing Footage, NOT.

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Good day,

The long and the short of it is that we went surfing with Tofino Surf School and it was a really good time.

Our only regrets were that we lost both of our gopro cameras and the prolific footage that they contained.

If you’re someone who doesn’t have a sim card usually like myself, the people we went with are Tofino Surf School.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more  visit the and look up #ExploreBC on Twitter.


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19 thoughts on “Epic Tofino Surfing Footage, NOT.

  1. Oh no, I’d be sooo sad if I lost my GoPro. I thought they were supposed to stay on the board! Ever tried the chest harness? I wonder about the ability of that to stay on in the water.

    1. It sucked, bought it about a week ago! That said, Brendan lost his from a chest harness as I had a head mount that I took off, whoops.

      I had bought a suction mount but the boards were foam. I’ve. chocked it up to experience and the cost of doing business, regrettably. :S

  2. Rob,
    i am unemotional about you losing your GoPro while surfing white water beach break in Tofino (Cox Bay or Chesterman beach i assume). I might have a different feeling about it if you were out in the line up trying to catch a real wave with a board that is not a soft top. Hit up the cedar spa at the Wickaninnish Inn and grab a beer at Shelter Restaurant and you will forget all about it. Glad you got to be in such a beautiful place for Canada day. Be sure to drop into the bowl at the sk8 park for me and best of luck with the salmon fishing.

    1. Good day!

      Yeah, I lost my camera real close to shore, maddening and can relate to being unemotional about others losses… Ha. I like the way you think, good sir. I had a massage this morning at that spa and it was seriously out of this world.

      Never had a beer at Shelter but I did eat what could arguably be the best bacon cheeseburger from them after the bar last night, it was so good I wanted the burger to travel with us but then I eat it.

      Ended up hanging at this house party across from the sk8park and did some late-night parkour up in there.

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a great Canada Day as well.

      Tips hat,

      1. i share your pain, monsieur

        as you know, my former cameras fill the pawnshops of nairobi.

        in your case, it wasnt stolen, so you dont get those post-theft blues

        but it does appear they will be working go-pro bono

        1. I hear that man, theft would rock me more but when this happens you’re just left like “I’m such an…” type feeling. It’s all good, we found a store on the way tomorrow where I will reload.

          I know you share my pain and it’s good to hear from you man.

          Safe travels as always!

  3. too bad about the go-pros but if its any consolation (probably not)im sure some cold water crustaceans and corals will eventually call them home. Good to see beautifull bc and definetly makes me wanna go back, maybe this summer..keep up the video updates too! where is bc travelling taking you next?

    1. Yeah I think what will happen is some kid will show up and be like “Hey Nick, check this out… WE GOT A GOPRO!!” so that makes me smile. If not them, I’m sure some crusty crustacean will love it as you suggested.

      I’m kinda playing around with the videos so appreciate the feedback, tomorrow we’re off to Campbell River.

      Safe travels, good sir.

  4. I’ve been surfing in Santa Cruz in colder months and you’re right, it’s that that bad w a full wetsuit. Plus paddling out is a hell of a cardio workout and that helps. I saw in a surf documentary there was one old dude who made a promise to himself to surf everyday until he caught at least 3 waves for 1000 days. Last I heard he did it but hasn’t stopped that good habit. Sucks about the GoPro but such is the cost of Not Having a Boring Life yes?

    1. That’s intense about the old dude and yeah, with the wetsuit you’re cold for the first few steps as some water gets into your boots but shortly after you’re feeling fine, makes you feel really alive actually.

      You are 100% correct, such setbacks are part of the cost of doing business in the Sportestery game.

  5. Great explanation video, Rob, you made the best out of it! RIP for the go pros though, i guess now ours is the only one left 🙁
    (Don’t jinx it)

    1. Yes, yes it is. You must guard it wisely, that said I’m getting a new one today if the store stocks it! :]


  7. What a story. I personally enjoyed it way more than I would have your surfing footage but am sorry to hear of your loss. I dropped my iPhone in the Black Sea last summer which I am sure you can imagine was tragic. Luckily I found some guy who was able to resuscitate it and had it working again within a week.

    Kids and their toys.

    1. I prefer the ending to your story and it reminds me of when I fell in the ocean with my electronics in Cambodia, nobody resuscitated them though. It’s one of the costs of this lifestyle and sure beats car insurance!

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