Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for Travel – Keep Your Stuff Safe!

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We’re going to do a review today which I know is a bit out of left field. I’m often offered travel accessories to most of which I graciously decline simply because I don’t need or want them. Adam, the man behind Clothing Arts’ Pick-Pocket Proof Pants sent me a pair of pants and shorts about two years ago and well, I was intrigued. I also decided that if they looked good and felt nice, I’d really wear them to death before ever posting a review. I mean you gotta walk the walk before you give the talk right?

Pick Pocket Proof Pants are a Must for Travel

I ended up loving the pants and shorts and they’ve been in my travel bag ever since. I don’t wear the shorts as much as the pants because I made a tone of shorts myself in Hoi An. Thing is, I was thinking of doing something like this before my head injury but when I saw these I realized he had already done it. The pants are basically bomb proof and most certainly do an excellent job at securing your valuables while on the road.

I’m lackadaisical about lots but never the safety of my important documents and dollar bills.

The pants I have are the “Business Traveler Pants” and oh they’ve helped me get around the world keeping my business in order. I love all the secret pockets inside most pockets and the zippers as well as buttons to ensure my stuff is secure. The real “aha” moment was when I was in Los Angeles about to got to “Secret Cinema” which is basically this big underground party that gets going at say 2am at a random location on a random Saturday and random people get at text message…

Pickpockets aren’t just on the road

Suffice to say, before we went there we hit this super shady bar. It was packed to the point you couldn’t move and I was holding some cash, as per usual. I zipped up my side pockets and threw that button that covers them and guess what? I was safe and worry free. I’ve been wearing these pants and they are the only pants I carry in my bag now since I got them. I like these pants so much that I’m getting them hemmed right now for TBEX this weekend because I’ve been trampling on the bottoms and want them to look respectable.

I have other pants but once you’ve had enough pockets to make a purse in your pants, no going back.

I also love these pick pocket proof pants because, well, they are bomb proof. The material they use is stain and tear and even slash resistant. Luckily I haven’t been slashed but lord knows I’ve spilled everything and anything on them over the past years and sat in who knows how many dirty seats. At the end of the day these pants always come out as clean as the day I got them and that’s pretty unreal. Also they aren’t fraying or falling apart and I’ve worn these things around the world.

I’m linking to the website but rest assured there is no affiliate link because this blog is for “information purposes” only and I am not in the game of trying to cash in off you, the reader. They aren’t cheap by any means but they are high quality and I can attest that they last. For more information I suggest you you check out the website and it will become very self apparent.

Finally, what I like most about this product is that it combines functionality with basic male fashions aka the understated classic what’s up now style. There are other products out there to “hide your stuff” but they are like gaudy safari gear and make the traveler wearing them stand out. These just look like a normal pair of khaki pants but on the inside are fully loaded which gives me safety while still letting me blend in as “just another dude doing something in a foreign land”.

I highly recommend these pants and will definitely look into another pair when they finally die in 2017 or beyond.

Tips hat,

P.S: They have other functions like holding a water bottle or guidebook but those aren’t applicable to my lifestyle.

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4 thoughts on “Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for Travel – Keep Your Stuff Safe!

  1. Interesting review, and the pants look nice. The cost is a bit higher than average but I believe it’s justified according to the review.

  2. You can actually make secret pockets inside your pants very easily. Just stitch from fabric a little pouch and stitch the pouch inside your pants. The easier solution is not to carry anything valuable with you.

    1. I’ve done that on numerous shorts and you’re right it does work but it’s hard to access valuables. I do like that method for long overnights though.

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