Cappadocia, Turkey is Somewhere Special

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Greetings from Goreme,

Greetings from the city of Goreme in Cappadocia, Turkey. I recommend you grab some cappuccino before delving further into an update that discusses this Turkish delight. I said “Wow” on Rome but this place is just so unique that I don’t even know what to say really, as a result “special” will have to do.

Spent the day sleeping, if you read the last update, you’ll know why. Upon awaking went on a mission to discover this fine town. I suggest you read this, for a bit of history, this place has a very long and interesting history.

Goreme is supposedly more touristic than other towns in the area but still very affordable. Staying in a nice hotel with a wonderful breakfast in a triple for 16E a night. Hot air balloons, mountain bike and ATV tours seem to be the largest trade besides of course accommodation and selling random work from the area.

The people are very friendly, in fact the gent who works at the hotel I’m staying at is Kurdish and been here a few years, arguably one of the most hospitable and egregious personalities I’ve ever encountered.

These photos do this place no justice, it’s the ambiance that is almost palatable, you can turn a corner and forget what year you’re in, almost like having access to a private time machine. We decided to climb to the telephone tower for a view… Getting up was the easy part, we decided to “bushwhack” down and it worked but without a few “I’m going to slip to my death” close calls.

For dinner, we found this small restaurant and explored their menu, I found that they had a clay pot vegetable stew, this was arguably one of the most delicious meals I’ve had on my travels, it was filled with delicious vegetables and came piping hot, also accompanied by a salad and rice pilaf for less than $5US.

Didn’t get up to that much, hoping to have an early night and do some serious exploring tomorrow. I have a feeling that Turkey is going to be a bit like Thailand for me, somewhere that I’ll revisit numerous times, thinking of continuing east after this into countries that are rarely explored, I have a crew or shall we call it an “expedition team” and one of them is keen.

Enjoy the long weekend and remember to thank a Vet.

Tips hat,

P.S: Enjoy these Kurdish beats my new friend is playing.

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  1. so are these natural rock formations? i never knew turkey had these wondrous towns, amazing, also did you happen to visit Armenia, neighbors of turkey, with a pretty harsh history, you can google it, i believe turkey massacred millions of armenians back in the days,,,anyhow great pictures

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