The Big Summer Decision

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How do you choose a holiday destination? It’s a huge decision when you think about it, because if you only go on one two weeks’ summer holiday every year, and you spend months saving up for it, it’s always going to be a real downer if you don’t enjoy it.

For that reason, I feel the pressure!

It’s not only about where you go either, it’s about extras you need to book in addition to your holiday, which make the whole thing run smoother. Of course, never forget to book holiday insurance, it’s simply not worth travelling without, and the cost is minimal for the peace of mind.

I guess where you decide on depends on your tastes, or whether you want to kick-back on a beach, or get out and about and explore. I tend to head to destinations that offer a bit of both, because I do tend to get a little bored of beaches all the time, despite the fact I do love a good sunbathing session! For this reason, I’ve been going to Turkey a lot lately, and the added point of this is that it’s cheap too. I find the combination of great beaches, water-sports, activities like jeep safaris and ancient ruins to visit really give my holiday something extra, the rich culture, and the chance to haggle on the markets and in the bazaars!


Nearby Greece is looking to be popular again this year, and despite the economic troubles of late, tourism is starting to pick up again, with deals to be had. Island hopping here is a good choice, so you get to see a lot during the space of your holiday. If you’re travelling with kids however, that might not be the easiest way to spend your break.

Bulgaria is constantly on the cheap holiday list, and lively Sunny Beach continues to thrive. Spain? This is an area of the world that will never show signs of abating in popularity, and the Canary Islands are equally as popular, with year-around sun to be had.

Wherever you choose, check out up to date reviews before you book, to get an overview of what the holiday brochures are telling you, and what reviews from people who have actually visited the area are telling you. Do bear in mind that people generally don’t write positive reviews as often as negative ones, so take much of it with a pinch of salt. As for location etc though, Trip Advisor reviews are always useful.

Pre-holiday, I get in the mood, and get organised, by checking real-time information on my airport, and I’ll be checking up to date information on Heathrow departures next week when I jet off to the sun. This helps me find out where I need to be on the day, as well as any information that is relevant. You can never be too well informed!

Make your decision carefully, and make it well – your summer holiday depends on it!

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