Barcelona, Spain is a Seriously Cool City

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I’m writing this from around the corner of the Sagrada Familia where I picked up an apartment for the last few nights; solid spot. I’m just getting acquainted with this beautiful lady of a city called Barcelona and all I can really say is that, well, she’s cool. I have merely scratched the surface of what it’s like here but I like it, a lot. When I first got here, my batteries were on that blinking light from a wild time in Belgrade but now that I’m back in the green, everything is rolling full steam and so glad I finally made it to Barcelona…


I’ve been doing a mix of this and that with lots of seriously long sunny sidewalk strolls. When you’re on a roll it doesn’t really matter where you go because wherever you end up is somehow where you were meant to be, yes? On these random strolls I’ve found myself by the beach, La Rambla, Barcelona Cathedral, in the gothic quarter, at the Sagrada Familia and even made a trip up to get an eagle eye view of this fine city from Park Guell. That Gaudi was a real genius and I spent the day today just strolling around. I can see why people fall in love with this place, it’s quite easy to do. You can do or spend a few weeks. It’s one of those cities that will keep you coming back regardless.


I will mention that the subway to Barceloneta which is the stop by the beach is utter madness and I’ve learned first hand what it’s like to be a sardine in a tin. I will mention that you should watch your stuff and it’s not that I feel this city is dangerous, it’s just there is so much going on with so many people from all around the world staring at the sights that it’s no surprise stuff goes missing from time to time. It’s simple math and one could also say “welcome to the big city”. Sights aside which I’ve only seen a sliver of, this place is just cool.


I’ve been lost, I’ve asked questions and I’ve had chats with randoms on the streets; everyone for the most part was beyond hospitable, helpful and happy. The vibe here is contagious and as I’ve mentioned before and will do again, I’ve only tasted this city ever so slightly. What a predicament I find myself in now as I’ve got an ambitious plan of sorts to see more of Spain but quite happy just hanging out here in Barcelona. If you like ham, you’re in heaven as I’ve never seen so much. The tapas on countless street corners are delicious and this place is also quite reasonably priced for such an international city on the beach…


Tomorrow I have to check out of my pad and I’m torn as to what I’m going to do. I do believe the only reasonable thing to do is take a bus to Andorra for a few days to hang out in the Pyrenees before returning for another day or so and heading south. I wanted to make it here in 2010 when I was riding the rails but sadly, the connection I wanted was full and as a result, I never made it. That said, had I made it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed the last two days here with my current mindset which is clearly different than it ever could have been four years ago and a little clearer, might I add.


I always say it’s important to live somewhere inspiring if you work for yourself and this city most certainly is. Barcelona is cool and if I didn’t have a flight to Rome from Valencia on the second of September, perhaps I’d look into apartments. That said, when seeking out asylums to spend time and get down to business; you can always come back. Barcelona is beyond easy to get to with most major airlines and yeah; thrilled I made it. If the whole world is one big school, and you’ve hung with lots of its students; you always appreciate coming somewhere new and meeting a city that’s cool.















I’d continue but last minute planning / scrambling aka Sportestery’s specialty is in order for tomorrow.

Tips hat,

P.S: My Spanish is skyrocketing in the short amount of time here; indeed.

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14 thoughts on “Barcelona, Spain is a Seriously Cool City

  1. Hey Rob, I LOVE Barcelona! After all of my travels, I can honestly say it’s so far my favourite city in Europe and one of my top 4 faves in the world to date. I was just there for a little over a month in May / June and wrote up a quick roundup of recommended spots to see, eat, and stay just a couple of weeks ago. Might be helpful for you to check out if you’re looking for some other local tips, even though you won’t be there much longer! .

    Enjoy! I’m hoping to get back to Spain again this fall, although headed to the southern warmer spots since I’ll be there likely in November and it’ll be a little too chilly for me otherwise. 🙂

  2. Love that you’re loving Barcelona and can’t believe it’s your first time. I love that city <3 I can easily say it's my fave. I was last there just about a decade ago and you're making me want to go back real bad.

  3. Great photos, Barcelona looks gorgeous. I’ve wanted to go for ages, bit haven’t gotten around to it yet. I think it’s the sort of place you could easily end up staying in for ages! Enjoy that ham, I’m jealous!

  4. Thanks for reminding me what a cool place I live in! After three and a bit years, have to admit I have started to take certain things for granted. And Andorra’s gorgeous, you’re going to love it.

  5. I’m a Barceloner and absolutelty agree with all your comments.
    I’m in love with my city and Catalonia since I was a child.
    Years and years later, and the more i travel, it’s a place that i never finishes, every day every minute I find new things. Keep exciting me, making me feel up and well, i know …some things doesn’t work, now begins to be like a thematic park only for tourist. But, even like this …i keep feeling in love.
    Perfection doesn’t exist
    (…@nd …maybe that’s why we’re in love!!).

    1. Thanks for the confirmation and really glad I got to visit.

      I’ll be back at some point, of that I’m sure of.


  6. Well you’ve definitely made Barcelona look awesome, so that’s cleared that up! I’m currently planning a trip there but am getting mixed reviews. How long would you recommend?

    1. It really all depends. I only stayed a few days and that was enough for me as it wasn’t what I was looking for at the time. My advice is book a room for 2-3 nights and go from there.

      Biggest mistake most people make is concrete plans when travel is about freedom. Finding a room in the next city can be done last minute so book a room, check it out and leave when you’re ready.

      Good luck!

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