Art Under the Umbrellas, Old Town La Quinta

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Woke up early as I’m still blessed with an internal clock from the eastern standard time zone, hooray. Decided to go on a walk for a bite to eat in Old Town La Quinta. As it happens, today is “Art Under the Umbrellas” which is an art festival of sorts that is held there 8 times a year. Talk about a good random day to show up, yes? Wandered around, drank lots of coffee and met some interesting people…

If you want to get Old Town La Quinta from the La Quinta Resort & Club, just walk out the front gates and take a right. At your second stop light, take a left, then take a right at the next stop light. It’s quite easy and takes about 20 minutes. I showed up before The Grill on Main opened and began wandering around. Saw a gent sitting on a bench having a smoke, seemed like a brilliant idea so I went over said hello and ended up joining him.

Turns out the gent I started chatting with was Steve Madaio who has been on two world tours with the Rolling Stones, played Woodstock and just check out the link, it’s ridiculous the life this man has lived and he’s super down to earth. We drank some coffee and started talking about travel. Its crazy how no matter how far you go or what you do, you’ll always have the pleasure of running into people who have been there, done that and a million things more. We talked about places around the world and both have the same mentality that it’s not the places but the people that make your trip. Following a map will get you where you want to go but it may not be where you should go…

After some hanging out and brain storming on a variety of topics while drinking strong coffee, made my way to the Grill on Main for some breakfast. They have a very reasonable brunch menu but the albacore tuna salad called my name, it was delicious. Half way through the meal I ran into the gent behind La Quinta Old Town and who gave me the lift to the resort the other day, we chatted over breakfast and now here I am after a leisurely 20 minute or so walk back…

It’s about noon and in 4 hours one of my great friends is getting married to a wonderful woman. The venue is world class and the weather couldn’t be better for such an egregious event. Love attending weddings where the couple is perfect for each other. That said, weddings are also great parties where you usually end the night smiling in your hotel room.

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  1. “it’s not the places but the people that make your trip”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s amazing the people you meet when you just take a moment to say hi! My favorite trips to date have been because of the wonderful connections and friendships made with the people I’ve interacted with.

    Enjoy the wedding.

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