An Unwarm Welcome to Lima, Peru

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I’m writing this from a shady area near the airport in Lima, Peru. We got horribly lost on the way here and I saw all sorts of shades of life I didn’t need to but probably better off for it. My bag was broken into on Peruvian Airlines and they did nothing to help whatsoever, in fact it was the biggest customer service fail I’ve ever seen as they kept passing the puck and even told me a few times it wasn’t their problem. Finally I got to make a formal claim but still doubt anything will come of it.

Someone ripped the zipper clean off my MEC backpack that I’ve had for the last 4.5 years and when I told luggage he told me to talk to the front desk. The front desk told me to talk to luggage but that was impossible as you can’t go back through security. What’s great is the luggage guy said he never spoke to me and Peruvian Airlines made like I was invisible for an hour as they just helped other guests check-in without giving me the time of day.


Finally I made enough noise to get that sheet where I make a complaint. The complete lack of customer service was shocking and they kept saying we have customers to serve like I wasn’t even a customer; odd. I’m just glad that my bag does close and that I had nothing of value in it to start with or it would surely be gone. What a warm welcome to the world of flying instead of taking a bus, yes? All I can really do is laugh about it and hey, travel enough and these things happen.

To add insult to injury on this day that started so great in Cusco; my hotel is in a shady area and isn’t even a hotel. It’s like a guesthouse or should I say rooms available in this families home in a neighborhood where I’ll forgo dinner than bother trying my luck on the streets. That said, the family is nice and I worked  a deal with the son where he’ll drive me to the airport tomorrow. It has wifi and is pretty clean so ya, it is what it is – right? Also, what’s a night out of a life?

I just can’t believe this place comes up on major booking engines under “hotels near Lima Airport”.

Take enough flights, one you’ll sit next to that girl you noticed in the terminal and another your bag will get broken into.

Next stop, Australia.

Tips hat,

P.S: It was dark by the time I got here and a reminder of why I avoid traveling at night.

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17 thoughts on “An Unwarm Welcome to Lima, Peru

  1. You’re in one piece, and you have that perspective. Amazing with all the travel this is truly one of the more interesting experiences. You’ll be in OZ before you know it. Be safe.

  2. I just commented on another post of yours. I’m an American living here. Are you still in Lima? I’m happy to show you and your group around if you are!

  3. Shitty way to leave. IF you ever go back to Lima stay in Barranco or Miraflores they’re near the ocean. I visited my sister and her boyfriend in Barranco in 2012. Great area with bars and restaurants all over, close to the ocean. Funky coffee shops etc. Larcomar outdoor mall on a cliff in Miraflores had wicked views of the pacific. Enjoy Oz!

    1. Thanks and yeah everyone told me I should have. Thought I’d just get a hotel near airport and chill for the night. Turns out I did just chill and wasn’t up for any adventures. I’d say next time but realistically doubt I’ll ever return to Peru!

      Thanks for the tips and hope you’re well, good sir!

  4. Australia? You need to do the northern beaches of Sydney… on a scooter. I live up this area and can give you advice if need be

    1. I’d love to but I’m only in town two weeks. Would stay longer but I have some issues to attend to in Central America. Thanks and will keep in mind for next time!

  5. Australia? You need to do the northern beaches of Sydney… on a scooter. I live up this area and can give you advice if need be

  6. I was mugged in a very nice and exclusive area of Brooklyn by the bridge but I didn’t post it in a blog critizing New York as I thought it was an isolated case. If you are so eager to criticize you should start from home. It is obvious you don’t travel much ugly Merican

    1. uhhh … he’s Canadian for starters, and two, the family that he stayed with before leaving were very hospitable people. Sounds like a fair assessment, no? I suppose we all should just suck it up and tolerate our bags being broken into, and say nothing when the airline doesn’t care. yeah man.

      Seriously though, when corporations misbehave like this, they need to be exposed to the cold light of day to be held accountable. That’s what is so awesome about the Internet.

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