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My brain is tired and my batteries are depleted. Were I a normal and quasi rational individual, I’d be sleeping right now. Instead I’m someone who has a serious internet addiction and blogging daily is basically just a habit, habits are powerful things NOT to be messed with, yes? Bucharest is well… The BOMB? What a city, what food, what architecture, what people…

I really had no expectations for Bucharest and it was never somewhere I really planned on visiting. From the picturesque central park to the pleasant people you pass on the streets, this place is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Been keeping busy and enjoying it so much so that will not be going to Sophia or Belgrade and instead flying direct from here to Istanbul on the 9th or 10th; I think.

Yesterday I “got my geek on” in a most egregious manner sending out emails as though I had 100 typewriter trained monkeys at my disposal. Afterwards I went on a stroll through a local mall with a lady I had met the day prior on the subway. The mall reminded me of home and gave me a bitter sweet sensation. Remembered how I despised malls and everything they stand for. From the smell of any mega mall in the world to the uninspired clerk who would rather be doing anything else to the overpriced merchandise. You realize mall maintenance is factored into the price of what you purchase?

The subway system here is great, I’ve been using it thoroughly and it’s safe. In fact, I have not felt unsafe once here. Sure you will see some gypsies here and there but whatever? I had images of gypsies dressed in purple polyester suits traveling by pogo stick and waiting to pounce on you for every penny in your pocket. That or them running around with clown makeup and crowbars looking to pry open your pocket. No, none of that. That said, wouldn’t walk through central park at night but in what major city would you?

I digress.

Met up with Ottawa Rob and went for some pints in a park. Would you believe I met a guy named Rob who is from Ottawa in Odessa, Ukraine? Then randomly met up in Chisinau, Moldova, exchanged s and explored the city last night? The guy lived 10KM from where I grew up and is doing exactly what I am. He said he was sick of it all and wanted to see the world. On the topic of the world, YES (not yelling but screaming) it is THAT SMALL A WORLD!!! (YES, I am aware that more than 2 !!’s is a sign of of something).

So anyways we decided that the only decent thing to do was roll into Caru Cu Bere for some dinner and more drinks. The place was packed so we decided to eat at the bar. For 34.5 lei aka $11.47 I eat one of the best meals I’ve had in a long time in one of the nicest restaurants I’ve ever been in. Caru Cu Bere is easily one of my top 5 favorite restaurants in the world. I’d be there tonight but it’s almost 9PM and I’m just arriving chez-moi after last night.

He called a lady he knew and she joined us, she said there was a couch surfing meeting going on so we went. I didn’t like it, I’ve been to a few now and I just never connect with anyone, it’s almost like an alien race to me. One gent said that he sent 100 emails to get a room in place X!? Told them I did 5 in Amsterdam and they concluded that it was ridiculous to expect something with so few. Then as always met an attractive lady who said she sent one out yesterday and already has a place to stay in her next town… Go figure?

After 2 beers decide to “blow that Popsicle stand”, so to speak. On the way home decided to enjoy a night cap, that led us to Club A, hardly a night cap. Immediately upon entering I b-lined it for the bathroom. When I returned the always egregiously gregarious “Rob from Ottawa” had made new friends, gentlemen from England and Scotland.

One thing leads to another, throw in a few jager bombs, lots of laughs, dance moves that would make Michael Jackson moonwalk once more, a sick underground venue and you have a party. It was good as a Saturday in most places I’ve been. Actually always found weekdays better to party, it’s party people. Saturday is filled with the working stiff who goes out once a week due to peer pressure. Many people who stink up the place with concrete feet, if you get my meaning.

Ottawa Rob left at about 2, we rolled out at about 5am. Had no clue how to explain how to get home to the cab driver so I just went with the 2 gents and crashed in a spare bedroom, random. Upon waking they were rolling into town and considering that if we were Mr. Potato heads, we’d be mashed or fried potatoes, decided to see Transformers 3, sick flick.

Suffice to say, if I did not have a VERY IMPORTANT DATE in Istanbul on the 11th, I’d be renting an apartment here. This place is heaven for a digital business man. A lot of incredible talent everywhere and in every sense of the world, very affordable and lots to do.

There is a whole crew going out tonight, just directed them to Caru Cu Bere, it’s taking every ounce of self control I have to not go to Caru Cu Bere again, have you gotten the vibe yet that I just love it there? Heck, I just love Bucharest.

As always,

Tips hat,

P.S: This photo is from BitDefender HQ, he’s the head of spam, don’t spam ok!?

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  1. I love your blog and so I wish I was doing what YOU are doing! I lived in Bucharest for 6 years too and loved it. Going back there again this summer yay!!!This is a great entry and it has some good pictures and pointers on what to do in Bucharest.

    1. Glad you like the blog and found this entry useful. If you love travel make it a priority and see where that takes you!

      Safe travels.

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