A Flight & Saturday Night in Vancouver, BC

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Good day,

Writing this from the 16th floor of The Met in downtown Vancouver… To think the LAST TIME I came here was in September, 2009 when I had just quit my job and decided to “travel the world” and blog about it. Crazy how things can change and time can fly!? I won’t lie, it feels pretty incredible to be back in Vancouver, back to the west coast aka the city in Canada that could be argued to have the most… Enough of all that, let’s double back-flip dive into this, shall we?

Right before the flight, I had a meeting with the lady behind Jokwear Clothing as those fine people and Sportestery share a few things in common and we’ll see where that goes. Afterwards it was straight to the flight where I had the delight of refusing the inflight sandwiches while being sandwiched between these two ladies who said little but loved violent movies and not sharing the unspeakably large lunches they packed, true story.

The moment I landed in YVR aka Vancouver International Airport I had that spring fully back in my step and it was time go out for an in-depth night. I truly believe that Vancouver has some of if not the best transportation from the airport to the downtown core anywhere in the world. The fact it was recently built to host the Olympics is besides the fact, it works and it’s faster / infinitely cheaper than a cab. Also, you never know who you’ll run into… Turns out the lady I was chatting with runs the “Sunday Night Sex Show” on 980AM in Vancouver, random – yes!?

Hit the downtown core and it was time to check what was in store in an international city with choices galore. Like any civilized being or gentleman, the only thing to do is check in before literally jogging down Granville aka “The Circus” on your way to Section 3 in Yaletown. When I called a friend who said he was in a cab to Section 3, a sense of familiarity overcame me, that’s easily my favorite evening hang out in Vancouver. It has a great venue, DJ, staff and location – what’s not to like!? Caught up with friends sipping on several vodka and sodas while eating their Cajun salmon before calling it a night.

If you want to experience some mayhem, walk down Granville LATE ta night.I did my pass after the bars had closed and it’s quite the scene. It’s just people from everywhere doing everything, it didn’t feel unsafe but it was like “wow I’m back in a big city”. That is quite the difference from Little Corn or even Ottawa, I believe the center of it all is that part of street between Roxy’s and Caprice.

Catching up with a few friends / old roommates and being back in the Vancouver scene felt solid. It’s one of those cities that is really busy and you need to embrace it and dive in to it, so to speak. Everyone is just doing their thing in this big aquarium with all sorts of different looking faces from countless races who originate from endless places. It’s a good time, rest assured.

For all the praise I give this city, will note that flying here from Ottawa or anywhere in the eastern standard time zone or beyond is quite the drag. You arrive and IMMEDIATELY lose 3 hours, this isn’t like losing extra weight on your stomach, it’s losing time on your Saturday night and it means that if you go to bed at 3AM PST on your first night, it’s really 6AM, just a minor detail though!

Tip: Start training your sleeping patterns before you leave…

Today I get to meet the other bloggers from Brendan’s Adventures and Vagabond Quest, the stakeholders behind the Explore BC project and drive away in a new ride that will be used for the road trip. I’m almost positive what kind of car it is but I’ll keep my mouth shut until I’m certain.

Feels great to be back on the west coast, indeed.

I’m here with the Explore BC Project, to learn more  visit the Tourism BC Facebook Page and look up .

Tips hat,

P.S: It’s cooler than usual in Vancouver, if you’re visiting dress accordingly.

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16 thoughts on “A Flight & Saturday Night in Vancouver, BC

  1. Vancouver is pretty much The Best City Ever … sorry about the lack of a summer thus far, hopefully it will follow you out here with great haste!

    1. It’s all good just had to throw it in there as most probably pack like me assuming to be sweating it out on the streets while walking on hot concrete. It’s pretty bomb, just killed a plate of sushi which I think will kill me later.

  2. I can’t believe you’ve arrived in Vancouver just after I left. It would have been amazing to run into you again.

    1. *shakes fist at the sky*

      Next time, if it happened once and almost twice, thrice is in the cards for sure.

      Safe travels.

  3. So, how long are you staying in Vancouver this time around? Sounds like it has been a very fun but not too crazy visit thus far.

    So, what did you think about the road trip car that you won’t let us in on??? Details, details… please!!

    1. I’m only here for the night and the road trip is an initiative being launched by Tourism BC that I’m proud to be a part of. I won’t be spending a long time anywhere but I’m going almost everywhere so it’s quite the trade off. :]

      1. I’ve never been diving but would assume that off the coat there are some pretty good sites. That said, hope you don’t mind a dry suit as it will probably be very very cold. :]

  4. That picture of downtown Vancouver looks pretty intense. Were you on your usual death march down the street or did you bring it down to a slow jaunt and take in all the “scenery”? If a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million, you should have been taking videos of the “scenery”!!! More videos good sir, it gives us all a better sense of the “action” 😉

    1. I have been using my gopro quite often and believe that at the end of this trip, I’ll have enough to make a few stellar videos or just one really cool one.

      When it comes to walking, what do you think? I was definitely doing a “death march”,it’s all I know!

  5. So what’s the hip and happenin’ club in Vancouver right now? I miss the night life and big city vibe this side of town. Been staying up in the boondocks for too long!

    1. I have no idea, when I used to go out a lot aka 2003ish we hit up Roxy and Caprice and others I can’t remember. These days it’s more house parties or killer lounges like Section 3.

      1. Looks like solid nightlife. Get loose at the lounges and throw together an afterparty as the night starts to wind down (or up?). Will check out for sure.

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