74 Travel Photos From an 83 Hour Bender Train Trip Through Europe

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Not much to write today except that camera I bought in Lagos for 100E is a piece of garbage. I bought it only so I could take photos on the trip, much to my chagrin I could have bought a sick Nikon one for only 60E here in Poland. Since I overpaid for a piece of garbage which is already exhibiting problems and will probably be broken soon, I thought the least I could do is share the sub par photos I managed to take from the voyage.

Basically the trip was 83 hours from Lagos, Portugal to Krakow, Poland. After that I slept in an apartment and went to Rzeszow but that DOES NOT COUNT. I reckon if you sleep in a hotel / motel / holiday inn, the “trip” is over as you had a chance to recharge and all that wonderful stuff. Remember in life “once you stop, it’s over”. Oh yeah, in case you were wondering, it was totally worth it… It involved 12 trains and 6 countries, what is funny is the distance covered was only slightly larger than say a province or two, Canada is huge, in case you didn’t know that already.

I do not recommend you take this trip in this time frame. Everything was cool but now I feel like I hit a brick wall, face first. In fact if you can find my front teeth in the cold concrete, please let me know oh and an aspirin would be nice as well. Luckily I’m going to the dentist in 2 hours, soon I should start a section called “Dental Tourism”.

Paris metro station

Would have flown but they temporarily declined my credit card due to “suspicious behavior” as I only recently started using it to avoid egregious bank fees. You can read my thoughts on credit cards here. Then the price went up and since I have a Eurail Global Pass, decided to “just get my money’s worth” type deal.

Praha train station in Prague, Czech Republic

If you’re curious about what happened on such said trip, you can read my updates here, here,here and here.

Tomorrow I may be going to Krakow as a friend is driving there and offered me a ride. I’d like to stay where I am forever because it is extremely comfortable. That said, comfort kills potential and if I liked comfortable I’d still be in my old job in Ottawa and none of this trip EVER would have happened.

Ok, this place isn’t just comfortable, I’ve been treated like a king and truly appreciate it. From amazing food to even better company and a city that I am sure to revisit. I urge you to visit random places, all the major tourist hubs are well just that, get off the grid and develop relationships with people you’d never get the chance to meet otherwise. You will enrich your life, their life and deepen your understanding of this world and realize that people are people are people, it’s all good.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to the man behind “Matty’s Mashups“!

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leaving lagos portugal

donkey's grazing in field

trains in portugal

lisbon shipping port in portugal

campolide train station in portugal

lisbon oriente train station night

lisbon oriente mall

lisbon sky tram

sleeping overnight train in europe sleeper

Madrid Chamartin train station

Hendaya train station, Spain

paris train station

german official haha

there's no wrong way to do it

Paris gare l'est

Eiffel Tower in Paris

prague praha train station czech republic

prague czech republic

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6 thoughts on “74 Travel Photos From an 83 Hour Bender Train Trip Through Europe

  1. Love your photoblogs! They tell a story in themselves! Especially like the guy asleep in the luggage rack!

    Have fun in Poland! 🙂

  2. To the Founder of The BAP, keep it up bro! Keep up the updates and photos 🙂 Keep the unrated ones from home haha!

  3. Hi,

    I’m thinking of planning a trip with my brother. We’re both 20-something. I was considering safari or macchu piccu or mt kilimanjaro or trek across Europe. We’ll have 2 weeks.

    Ideas? If you find the time could you please email me?

  4. Joanna, Beh, Sean – Flick of the cap!

    Lainer – Yep, bottom of bucket Olympus

    DS – I will email you in next 2-140 hours.

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