10 Months, 19 Countries, Update 300!

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breakdancers in Krakow Poland market square

Nod of Acknowledgment,

Turns out last one was 300, who cares, whatever like it matters. On the 00`s I get deep and stuff like that, can`t help it, it`s just how this blog plays out now and until I`m being cremated or buried in a dirty casket or cryogenic frozen in some lab next to Walt Disney and other people who will miss the present but feel the future.

I tip my hat to the gentlemen that I meet, who with smiles roam the streets, send out greets and sleep on dirty mattresses with no sheets who respect free speech and would rather have no home then spend their lives 9-5 in some bs seats. When you’re on a roll, you must go for a stroll just do what you want in your life or you’ve basically already sold your soul. Seriously, it’s like 80 years of being on parole.

chilling hard models in krakow poland

When my finger heals, behind this adhesive seal, I’ll fill you in on the deal, with great vigor and zeal. It’s been real. This morning I woke up at 6am after 4 hours of sleep to these 2 drunk ladies tripping over big things in tiny thongs. They said “Sorry for waking you up” and i quickly quipped “No, thank you for waking me up”. I realized it was time for me to start my roll with an early morning crack of dawn stroll. I strolled through the town square smoking what was one of the worst cigarettes of my life. It tasted like blood stained dirt with a side of arsenic and formaldehyde.

krakow poland time square

I found a homeless man, I saw him yesterday and gave him a coke, a smoke and shared a joke, he was stoked. He talked gibberish, I smiled and gave him my packet. He then in perfect English said thank you very much but his eyes told a long story of better days and went on his way. When is the last time you made somebody’s day? When is the last time someone made your day?

krakow poland bars and nightlife

Think of it like pay day or a bank account, you need to build an account before you can hit up the ATM. Also building wealth and saving things of value is fun, you should try it some time instead of overextending your credit on stuff you don’t need while forfeiting your freedom in a slow torturous bleed. All this? It’s all to hide insecurities you don’t even know you have. On a totally unrelated topic, I really like women with nice calves.

living in ghetto

I tip my hat to thee and thank yee for spending time on these here pages. We’re and by that I mean you, myself and everyone who reads, spreads and enjoys this new type of blog doing some different. A blog that is only here to tell you to do what you want in your life. If you aren’t doing what you want you will never be happy. If you are doing what you want you can never be anything but happy, even in the darkest of hours. You never know when an inane accident may end your life so enjoy every nanosecond of it and act with the attitude of a kid and forget the complications and games you learned in your teens. That my friends is the gateway to your dreams.

drinking krakow poland

Also, if you’re alone at night with a group of women, that is when you are most likely to get sucker punched in any city of the world by a guy who hasn’t been laid since black and white TV aka when the “Leafs” won their last cup hahaha who is just insanely jealous, envious and resentful that he’s with a bunch of losers and you’re with a bunch of beauties and having WAY MORE FUN. This is a true story that happened to a great friend of mine. I think I already mentioned it on this blog, if you’re a cool guy this is how you’ll meet a fist in your friendly face late at night in what could be any random place. Obviously the guy who threw the sucker punch was a sucker so there was no damage but it’s still NOT COOL.

music on streets in krakow poland

A bunch of `good old boys` are coming to Poland for a wedding end of the month, will be great to see them. They are the guys I aka we the crew I lived with in University got our crib from. Sick duplex, 7 rooms and a 3rd floor that was the `afterparty lounge`. Also have some gents from Lagos moving this way to do the rest of the block. If this summer was a stock it would simply be BTFO.

sleeping on park bench

I am also in the market for plate mail armor. I want to wear the armor every Sunday and trim hedges, giving free shaves, administer some vigilante street love and other random stuff with my sword. Sunday is a very special day of the week, we owe everything to the sun and there is no better day to enjoy a massive meal with your family. Instead of using a steak knife I’d rather use a broad sword, thank you. The plated armor HAS to be authentic aka some dude wore it and risked getting killed / probably killed people in battle. I will also consider chain mail but would prefer the protection of plated.

sunset in krakow

Friendly flick of the cap,

P.S: I am thrilled to see rappers teaming up with house DJ`s and rapping to electronic. It`s the best of both worlds, I should have gotten involved years ago, it`s the future of `fun music`. I`ve seen it even if only in my head.

P.P.S: Never believe a word people say when you first meet, especially at a club. They can tell you a few sentences but their body language is telling you the whole story.

P.P.P.S: We don’t edit videos, we make them.

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  1. Congratulations on your journey thus far, good sir.

    I like all of what you say. But especially the part about rapping over electronica.

  2. Monkeys are friends with… gorillaz, and… dragons, and rats! If you want to fight a monkey, there is a good chance a dragon will come and say ‘hey, man, i like this monkey’.

    Keep up the good work!

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