1 Year of Travel, 1 Year of Sportestery

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Hello and Good Day,

What is one supposed to write in one of these 1 year type things?

Today marks 1 full year since my parents drove me to the airport at 5am to catch a flight to Vancouver, British Columbia and the day this blog started. The flight was to attend a wedding of one of my better friends and old University roommates. The plan was to hang out and perhaps get an apartment somewhere and well, do some work… Like that happened?

That day which was 1 year ago today marks what has been a truly crazy ride. Considering I wanted to do a trip like this ever since I graduated University, I can’t believe it happened, I can’t believe it played out the way it did. For so long I thought it was never going to happen, that I was just going to work and dream, my whole life… The regret was already starting to eat me up, something fierce.

Now, 12 months later, have been through 25+ countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Considering I never had grandiose plans of doing lots of traveling, just “relocating”, wow. I’m glad I did go on this trip. Who cares about the places I’ve been, who cares about the sights I’ve seen, it’s the people I’ve met that matter most.

Have had the funnest of times like tubing above(hat tip to the lady who added and tagged me) and the lamest of times like a fractured forehead below. I’ve had one of the best birthday’s ever in Lagos, Portugal. Christmas at an orphanage in Bali and Halloween on Koh Tao. I’ve let loose on countless beaches and I’ve been driven to a hospital by a cop in Indo. I’ve stayed in friends pimped out apartments and slept in a train station on New Years and slept on the streets in Germany.

I’ve eaten scorpions on the streets of Bangkok, King Cobra and rats in the Mekong Delta, had food poisoning countless times and also tasted some of the most delicious food one could imagine. I’ve drank egregious quantities of “coffee” in Amsterdam,attended a traditional Polish Wedding, traditional crayfish party in Sweden and experienced sauna summer life in Finland.

I’ve traveled on the cheapest modes of transport possible in Asia and first class trains through Europe and survived a trip on “Aeroflot” from Hong Kong to Amsterdam. I’ve gone golfing in British Columbia and Thailand and almost mugged / jacked / pick pocketed in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m sick of hyper-linking, seriously.

This trip has truly been out of control in the best way ever. My understanding of this world and the people in it has grown exponentially and based on many of the experiences I’ve had, I can understand even more where many people are coming from.

Thanks to everyone I’ve met on this trip, we’re all of a like mind, if not we would have not met in most random circumstances in the most random of locations around this world. Also thanks to all those who share Sportestery or tell a friend. We don’t get involved in the whole “travel blog” clique.

This blog is starting to become the one I was looking for before leaving.

Where to next? Who knows? Who cares?

Tip of the hat,

P.S: Street steak dude isn’t showing up, I hope it’s not game over.

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13 thoughts on “1 Year of Travel, 1 Year of Sportestery

  1. Fuckin eh dude. amen to all of that. cannot wait for the day i can hit it proper such as you have done… congrats and keep on keepin’ on dude!!!

  2. Well done and congrats on the 1 year point Rob. What a ride!

    My journey starts on December 7, although in my head it’s started already!

    I too work online and make my dosh through Adsense, Clickbank and Amazon. Just need my notebook and I’m good to work anywhere.

    It would be interesting to know what your top 3 recommendations were for things like; nightlife, culture, beaches, cheapest digs, best places to meet people, etc, etc.

    Hope to meet you one day on my travels. I feel I owe you a beer or 2!


  3. AHhhh, I remember back when you were just a wee little lad in Vancouver 350some ish day ago. Glad to read your Shablness daily. What are your plans now?

    1. hahah, all grown up!?

      No idea, maybe check out hippy land of Pai for a bit. After… May start taking suggestions? Hope the knee is getting better…

  4. Congrats on the anniversary and thanks for a kick ass blog. I’m reading this thing every day now, and having a great time in the archives too, catching up. What a trip.

    I feel like I owe you a couple of beers too, Rob. Hang out in South East Asia a bit longer, will you?

    And my hat off to you with regards to the scorpion & cockroach eating video. I’ve never seen anyone eat a bunch of those things like it was a bag of candy. Damn. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks man,

      Really like it here, think I’ll spend egregious quantities of time here over the next while with trips elsewhere of course… Just to see “what’s cracking” so to speak.

      Safe travels man.

  5. It was amazing to meet you! So jealous you’re still travelling while me and Tomo are back to work and responsibility. Sad face. Keep enjoying you crazy Canadian!! xxx

    1. Still going indeed (happy face). Saigon was fun and one of these days have to get to London. A friend is there now, had we not made a communication error on , perhaps would be there. (Perplexed face).

      Have a sick weekend!

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